Don’t Quit Your Day Job Emily Naeole

Councilwomen Emily Naeole sings her Alma Mater at the “2009 Pahoa Egg Rush“:


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  1. Ok then seemed a little harsh, my Ohana too, but I never said you attacked me there. Again you got to read my stuff more carefully.

    “You can only control your own feelings.” that does seem an attack though!

    Mahalo for posting my last post and here’s the last comment to Aaron, he again failed to publish my answer. You have still haven’t told me whether you condone this Hit and run policy of Aaron’s in attacking me? I would like to know.

    I would like your constructive suggestion then on this situation?

    “On top of that,lets remember who started this- it was you Kai. You were the one who started this because you were unhappy how I handled your comments on my blog.

    I could see that you were going to refuse to listen to my point of view. Thus I decided to end the conversation because neither of us
    was going to win.”

    well yet again you dont post my reply’s [previous posting] and yet again you don’t answer that you are willing to publish replies of people you attack! I think you didn’t publish my response because you would have looked stupid.

    That said; you get it wrong I will listen to you point and I am happy to answer them and I would start new with you anytime. But you can not use these tactics of hit and run. I find real fault with your conclusions and you make statements about my position that are not based in anything I have said.

    As I told you I have written to people you have used to refute my positions and they do not disagree with my point, I have not published them for two reasons 1) i haven’t gotten permission from them and 2) this kind of discussion and tactics may only serve to draw them into the same stupidity.

    I do not understand what you wish to accomplish? As you know I haven’t responded to you for a while to you and left you to your own devices. So who started this then. does it matter?

    Look be a man, do the right thing let people answer you blog. I am not telling you to let any nasty or inappropriate blogs on. I am telling you that you have no moral right to attack me and not let me answer your charges period and I will continue to do what I think is fair if you continue to play dirty.

    Anytime you wish to go back to a civil process of discourse I am in with you. I don’t hate you or am I “blindsided” with hate. I wish you would take a minute and see our position. I hope you would understand what oppression we face and how we only seek a positive outcome for Hawaiians and Americans.

    where you get that other stuff God only knows?

    Kai Landow

    Kai – Can I ask you a question… Is someone forcing you to read his blog? Geez dude… there are so many blogs out there to read and your getting all heated up over one blog that you have mirrored his blog to create your own comments.

    That’s not only childish… but it’s also counter productive. I don’t give a rip whether he publishes your comments or not. It’s his blog and he get’s to do whatever the fuck he wants.

    Once again, I can’t control your feelings. Only you can control your own feelings. Aaron can’t push your buttons if you don’t read his blog.

    You want to know what pisses me off… Is people who write about how I should go to church to save myself from going to hell. Know how I prevent myself from getting bothered by it…. I avoid those types of blogs. I don’t create another blog to attempt to tell some nutcase that I don’t think I’m going to hell because I don’t believe something he says.

    If it’s too hot in the kitchen… what should you do?

  2. Why you stink after my friend Emily, I can see and hear her beauty!

    From the Kona Blog

    Why is it Damon, RJ and Aaron you never address why this blog exits?


    It’s very counter productive.

    RJ SAYS:

    Are you sure that this is the best way to counter Aaron?

    Anonymous: [probably Aaron Stene] It doesn’t get much more asinine than this!

    Kai: I have got to agree and that is some of your best commentary yet!

    First of all you have supported Aaron Stene’s unfounded attacks on me. I find it interesting it does not bother you the tactics he uses. I put this blog together a while back when Aaron was making claims about me and then not posting my answers. Including claiming I wasn’t answering him. So I posted them on Ma’oli world and I let him post without edit!

    What did you do then? Did you say Come on Aaron. if you go after someone you should give them a chance to answer? No,You attacked me for posting the forum on Ma’oli world! Damon attacked me for posting “Aaron Stene declares war on the sovereignty movement” OK that was a little harsh but I backed up what I said with this quote.

    Aaron- In a way I do oppose the Hawaiian sovereignty movement. I don’t think its right to forcibly try to to reverse the clock
    back to before 1893. As you are aware a lot has changed here, for better and worse, over the last century. In other words its
    too late to change things back.On that note, I would fight any attempt to return the monarchy.

    That’s pretty harsh too and he has to take his cracks if he’s going to make public statements like that. perhaps you guys can not see the full measure of colonialism and hate that lies in that statement. It is not even the fighting words, but the “Reverse the Clock” because that is filled with the propagandist thinking of American oppression. I don’t care where Aaron Stene was born [He claims to be a Kama’aina] he’s an American and he is trashing my country! Nobody asked his opinion!

    Does he have a right to his opinion? Sure he can do whatever he likes. But why does anyone in the world know about this blog? Because in an effort to provoke me Aaron Stene posted “Kai Landow strikes again” and put a link to this blog which has sat fallow until and unless he starts this stupidity again!

    Do you have any criticism for Aaron coming into a Charlie Foster’s blog in which an intelligent discourse was going on. We didn’t agree but there was a polite thoughtful back and forth. I do not know which of you is “ManaWai” but you know who you are. His post where there to disrupt and if I wanted to continue to argue Conklin’s revisionist history then I would have continued to blog with him.

    At the core of this is an interesting problem. Bullying people on blogs is an effective way in ending debate. I was happy to answer you guys and I answered RJ. I think RJ and I can reach an understanding, though I continue to be disappointed that he doesn’t repudiate the tactics of Aaron Stene.

    I do publicly apologise for anyone in my government who opposes the right of Gays and Lesbians and I personally fully support their equal rights and right to marriage.

    So what is your motivation? I can only think Ululani is right and you seek ratings, because it is a hit and run style [not RJ]. So what is fair for me to do in response?

    I still wait for you to address these issues. why do you avoid answering this point? I would point out that I wasn’t attacking Aaron in this blog [just posting it] and what is the injury here. Do you think he might suffer if people have a chance to answer his pontificating?

    OK you can criticise me, can you create solutions? I doubt it. So what Damon is productive? But I will in your absence of your positive suggestions.

    I will cease this Blog when you simply agree to at least post all replies by the people you go after, simple Yes?

    Fair? Yes!

    Kai Landow
    Posted by Kai Landow at 4:55 AM 0 comments

    Damon –

    Kai… she might be your friend… but she is my Ohana. This was not an attack on her at all.

    And I have never attacked you. Sorry you feel my comments are an attack upon you.

    You can only control your own feelings.

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