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Kauai Chicken Trap Seller/Real Estate Agent in Wall Street Journal… Activist Bock and Cry Fowl

Dog, "Wot brah, beef!?!"  Chicken, "No, actually chicken." - Baron Sekiya, Richard Ha Caption Contest Winner

Dog, "Wot brah, beef!?!" Chicken, "No, actually chicken." Baron Sekiya's Caption on Richard Ha's Caption Contest

In February I blogged about the Kauai Resident who was selling rooster traps.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal featured him in an article entitled, “Tourist Learn Who Rule the Roost on this Lush Hawaiian Island

…Mr. Shumate, the real-estate man, says it’s about time the island did something. He recently started a business making rooster traps. He was inspired by frequent calls from new homeowners who wanted to know what to do about the roosters rousing them from their slumber.

“Who knew it would be the best closing gift I ever gave a real-estate client,” he says.

Mr. Shumate began making the traps for neighbors and now advertises them on Craigslist for $159. His first customer: Costco Wholesale Club, which was trying to thin the flock of chickens at its outdoor food court.

He’d like to see Kauai officials make rooster control a priority: “I see this as a real problem for tourism, prospective real-estate buyers and public health. If you can’t sleep, that is a health issue.”

You would think this is where the chicken crossed the road and lived happily ever after… right? Well the story isn’t over.

Mr Shumate emailed and told me to check out his blog, Hawaii’s Wild Rooster Blog, that he has created and an article that he posted in response to what has been happening since the article was published.

…To sum it up, some people are happy about the story and feel it will spark long overdue action on a county or state level to counter the feral bird problem in Hawaii. But on the flip side, I have also taken some heat over the story, as if it were my fault the story is true, lol! I see it like this. The story reported is true, like it or not. For the handful who don’t like it, they should direct their energy toward fixing the problem, not covering up the issue as if it didn’t exist! Furthermore, if these individuals are really concerned about a loss of tourism and blame the story for repercussions, they should look back on themselves as they never called for administering responsible control over an obvious problem way back when. Truth is, I would love to honestly be able to tell future clients that the feral bird issue is on the outs, but at the moment, its not. The feral bird issue has never been a deal breaker for any of my past clients (unless a direct neighbor is caging a slew of birds), and I certainly am not in the business of misrepresenting circumstances to clients. With that said, I have no regrets in confirming the fact that Kauai and other islands do have a feral bird issue upon being asked. I said what I said in hopes of grabbing the attention of our county or state to act on funding a start up program that would finally give residents, businesses and visitors some relief…

You can read the rest of his post “When Opportunity Knocks (WSJ)” and the follow up to the article “Ann Zimmerman of the Wall Street Journal Agrees to Follow Up Story…

Here is the picture of the trap that I showed in my initial blog on this back in February. I don’t know if they have changed.


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