Anyone Worried About the Implications of North Koreas Rocket Launch?

The countdown could begin as early as Saturday morning, and North Korea says its rocket will blast off sometime between then and Wednesday. It warned aircraft to stay clear of its easterly trajectory over northern Japan, toward the Pacific.

I don’t really understand a lot of things when it comes to world politics.  I guess that’s part of the reason why I don’t like national politics that much.  It always seems to come down to a few things:  the war, the economy, or the way things should be and the way things are not.

Why does the US feel the need to push around so many countries I just don’t know.  I could have sworn there was something about keeping out of other countries business.

Do I feel threatened that the Koreans are blasting off a rocket carrying a satellite into space that could be a test for a rocket that could lift something that could reach Hawaii potentially in the future… well a bit.

Big Island residents… I don’t think the Koreans would target us.  I think they’d go after Pearl Harbor once again.  We might get hit with a stray.

But think about those kids in some of those countries that we are currently occupying that see missiles flying over their heads weekly?


Whatever happened to that big Golf Ball that was perched in Pearl Harbor when I was living over there on Oahu.  That thing was huge and was supposedly designed for such a threat.

How much time would we as Big Island residents have to prepare if we found out an errant rocket/missile was heading our way?

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  1. 05 Apr update: PRK missile launch reported by BBC as “failed,” where 1st stage landed in Sea of Japan, second stage and payload into the Pacific. If a satellite, then they lost some expensive H/W. If a test of an ICBM, who knows if it hit the target in the flight plan?

  2. Apparently the X-band radar referred to was supposed to be moved to the Aleutians but is still parked at Ford Island with repairs ongoing.

  3. I may be off-base here (so to speak), but as I recall the golf ball/radar station was on its way to Alaska.

  4. In the old Cold War movies, it was always “Those missiles will be here in 30 minutes”!

    But of course, IF the North Koreans were to bomb Hawaii, it would be Oahu / Pearl. But their real goal is to threaten the West Coast of the mainland. Let’s face it — a threat to LA is a much more effective bargaining chip than a threat against Honolulu.

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