Me and the Mormons Just Don’t Mix at Times… Census Training at Church

Well we had another day of census training today.

I got a call last night “Reminding Me” that our training today would be taking place at a church off Kilauea Ave.  (Funny… I thought reminders are supposed to be reminding us of something they told us to begin with… but everyone of us in there said that last night was the first they had heard it was going to be at the church)

I arrive at the church and I’m drinking my coke that I brought from home.  I realize that I’m pretty tired still and need even more caffeine in my system so I ran next door and got a cup of coffee.

As I enter our meeting room, I’m told I can’t have my Coffee… so I take that back out to my car and leave it in my car… go back in and then I’m told I can’t have my Coke either… which had been sitting on my desk while I went to 7-11!  Only then did I realize it was a Mormon Church we were at.

Can you believe it… we have  an all day meeting at a place where we can’t have caffeine?  Several of the people smoke cigarettes as well… so they had to take that way off the premise as well.  Then to top it off… Someone brought some chocolate to munch on in training and was told she couldn’t even have her chocolate because of the Mormon faith against Caffeine and that chocolate had caffeine in it!

WTF!  My question is… Why is a Federal Job even doing their damn training at a church?  Whatever happened to sepearation of Religion and Government?

Just glad were not meeting there any more for the rest of the week.

Oh… we finally got our hand held computers going… Of course… I’m one of two people in the class that STILL doesn’t have are own personal ones at this point because of a typical federal SNAFU.

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  1. “My question is… Why is a Federal Job even doing their damn training at a church? Whatever happened to sepearation of Religion and Government?”

    Belated answer to this: The census bureau is too stingy about their meeting/training locations — the policy is to get locations for free if at all possible. Which unfortunately means churches in most cases (I’d guess at least 75%, if not 95%). They’ll gladly let the government meet there to help blur that line a little more… (which I’m not a fan of either).

  2. The more I read about your experiences with the training, the more I wonder if I should drop out before I start my training.

    Have they told you if you have to knock on all the doors in your area or just a sample? Going to all the houses seems like a waste of time and money but it may be necessary in your rural area. In my neighborhood, most of the homes are clearly marked.

    Thanks for blogging about this every day. I find it very helpful.

  3. Any wonder I want to leave Utah???

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