I Can Handle Not Eating Peanuts… How Am I Going to Stop Eating Pistachios?

I love pistachio nuts… like… I’m addicted to them to the point where I can polish off a 1 lb bag in a sitting if I have em in front of me.  Just wish they weren’t so damn expensive.

Federal food safety officials warned Monday that consumers should stop eating all foods containing pistachios while they figure out the source of a possible salmonella contamination…

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3 Responses

  1. I actually came down with an intestinal ailment last week after coincidentally, my wife brought home a big bag of pistachio nuts. I ate about half a cup’s worth and the next day I was “suffering.”

    Coincidence? Or not? Will probably never know, but I Am taking the advice of the FDA and deep-six the nuts left in the bag.

  2. It was bad enough when we stopped importing Iranian pistachios, they are the best.

  3. Just wait until there’s a scare about rice. Or toilet paper.


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