Census Test Training

So I just got back from the first day of census training.

There were 16 of us.  Surprisingly enough…  two people from “Punaweb” were also hired.

Today was all paperwork and just doing basic stuff like getting to know our supervisor… fingerprinting, issuing of hand held computers, badges and learning how to fill out time sheets.

We get paid for Travel Time… As well as Mileage.

Most of the stuff that we will be doing, is pretty confidential… So I won’t go into to much on my blog.

I can blog about the position… I just can’t blog about the people I meet or the actual locations that I’m going to.

We were even instructed not to talk to the Media… I kind of snickered at that… and just told myself to shut up about my blog.

The biggest thing that happened…

Was I was told I was only going to be working about 20 hours per week… I got in there today… and they said were all working 40 hours per week.

So now I’ll have to work my DOE job until 12:15 each day… then work the census work from 12:30 – 6:30 each day and put in 10 hours during the week time.

At least it’s only for 10 weeks… and I can use the extra $6,000 + for the easy work… so I won’t bitch that much.

Just worried about them effing DOGS!

Now I got to get ready for tonights Highway 130 meeting.

I can see that my days are gonna be very long for the next couple months.

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  1. Damon, Thanks. This is very valuable information. I’m very concerned that the job went from 20 hours a week to 40. I don’t want to work that many hours. Did anyone in your group object? I’m going to call the Honolulu office tomorrow and see if it will be the same here. If so, I’m dropping out. I’d rather do it now so they can get someone else than wait until training.

  2. Just don’t say anything specific enough about the dogs, that people can identify the home. ;-)

    You are going to be a busy man for awhile.

    Your blog is ALMOST up to 200,000 this afternoon. WOW!!!

    Congratulations, Mom

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