Hawaiian Mermaids… It’s Not Even April Fools Yet!

Folks it’s not even April Fools Days yet and I’m finding some weird stuff out there on the net.

I just ran across this site called “Hawaiian Mermaids


I don’t know when this site was built, but I did notice on this page that they seem to be currently filming on the Big Island.

He/She/They/IT has a myspace page where they state:

Aloha my name is Sita. I grew up in Hawaii my whole life, I Love Mermaids and the water. I started painting and drawing Mermaids when i was a very little girl and now I create real Live Mermaids! I’m a Mermaid Model, Tailmaker, Filmmaker,and Photographer. And “Now I Make Mermaids Dreams Come True”. I live on Maui and the Big Island and I want to film more on Oahu, Kauai, Tahiti, and all around the world soon!

She also claims to be “I am opening a night club in Kona Hawaii. I am looking for Music, Bands, and Dj’s. Along waitresses and bartenders. If you have any questions and want to know more about it contact me! Looking for investors also!”
I’m trying to figure out what kind of site this is… soft porn? Imagination? Photography? Fantasy? I just dunno:

The best part about it… they even have a youtube video!


Folks… Only on youtube… well and my blog will you find this type of stuff:


So with warning… I send you over to Hawaiianmermaids (not responsible for where this might take you in future days)

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  1. Here is my new mermaid website!

    I still make mermaids! I was on the cover of big island weekly last week . You can read the REAL STORY about me.


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