Jason “Mayhem” Miller New Host on MTV’s “Bully Beatdown”


Last Sunday, the rest of the world was introduced to the larger-than-life personality as the host of the MMA-inspired reality series “Bully Beatdown” on MTV.

The world apparently liked what it saw, as the show’s debut was No. 1 in its timeslot for Male Teens and Males 12-34 with a 1.18 rating for 1.4 million viewers, according to a rep for Viacom, MTV’s parent company…


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  1. Hey mayhem whats up,just wanted 2 couph up a little respect 2 you when i saw that (poison) episode when you molywapd that dude that got in your face and told you that he was gona finish you as soon as he finishd the mma fighter and u took your jacket off and whoopd his ass,that was the best episode ever,sinc.arturo roy 925

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