Mobile in Hawaii… Still Far Behind

I was one of those people that just hated cell phones and thought I would never carry one myself.  Now I couldn’t live without them.

Its amazing how many people in Hawaii still don’t have a cell phone… less yet just go completely wireless.  I know some people that still screen calls through answering machines because they don’t have caller ID (something all cell phones typically have) But it is fun listening to the excuses as to why they are screening their calls and who they don’t want to hear from.

Here’s an interesting graph that shows percentages across the country of households and adults that are ONLY use cell serviece (Referred to in the graph as Mobile Phone Service):


I gave up my land line about six months before I moved back to the Big Island.  With the problems I had with Hawaiian Telcom, I would never go back to them again.

With the financial trouble that HT is having now, I can only see more and more people switching to mobile phones.

My hardest decision will be… at what age do I allow my son to have a cell phone?

Can you hear me now?

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  1. Of course, caller ID is no help if the caller has it blocked on their end ….

    • It’s a big help… I don’t need to be answering calls from someone who doesn’t want to be known. ;)

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