Did I Help Sink the Superferry… Nah

On November 13th I was the first in the state to blog:

…Austal USA has won a $1.6 billion contract to build up to 10 high-speed transport ships for the U.S. military, U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Tuscaloosa, announced Wednesday…

No one in the media had picked up on this… I even ended the post by saying:

…I’m amazed the Unofficial Hisuperferry Blog hasn’t picked up on this.

This weeks Honolulu Weekly is running an article, Conspiracy Ferry, where it points to that contract specifically as one of the two that are troublesome:

…First, the construction of the two ferries by Austal USA helped the young company get a contract to build a military version of the fast cargo and troop-transport ship—with an option for nine others—for a total of $1.6 billion, according to defense analysts and Austal USA itself. It also played a role in getting a contract for a Littoral Combat Ship prototype, a separate project to build up to 50 fast, aluminum warships at more than twice the price for each. The question is: was that the real purpose of building the Superferry?…

The article was tucked in the back of an Online Alabama Newspaper and I have to wonder if it would have ever been brought forth… Had I not blogged about it in the first place… and then the other sites picked up on it?

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  1. Big Deal, every major mode of transport does business with the military, why aren’t you hitting them? If a company can have multi customer bases, like on down time move strykers and guard or regulat troops interisland what’s wrong with that.If Chevy picked up a contract to build Hummers, would they be demonized too.
    You Damon, like most non technical UH grads just don’t like the military!

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