Demon Busting Going on in Hilo… VIDEOS

I don’t know what to say about these videos that I just ran across.

The strange part to me… is that the church is putting these videos up.  If you go to the links below, you will see some other videos.

I’d hate to see the video cameras in the confessional rooms at that church.

Pt 1:

A Violent Spirit inhabited a college house with 4 men in Hilo. The spirit had physically attacked each of the men. While they were on Spring Break, the Demon Busters were called to Cleanse the house of spirits. Casting out of the Violent and other Demonic spirits with Pastor Jimmy Nishimoto, Pastor Nora and her husband and Chris Eliason.


Pt. 2

House Blessing and Casting Out of demonic spirits with Pastor Jimmy Nishimoto and Chris Eliason from Hilo. This video is shot with an Infrared video camera. Use this link to see the demon faces captured from the video.

Pastor Jimmy has performed over 900 blessings and is on track to reach 1000 in 2009.


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