Act 221: Is It Stimulating Hawaii’s Economy… The Video

This documentary explains what Act 221 is, and explores some of the issues of this Hawaii tax legislation.


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  1. Thanks for posting the video. I did a viewpoint piece for the Maui News on Act 221 that was published on Feb 3rd. See

    The Hawaii Venture Capital Association is monitoring this very carefully. Sign up there for e-mail notifications and to use their testimony engine which allows lots of customization of your message.

  2. While I get by with my dial-up connection and as such, haven’t seen the video, and to be honest, am unclear about Act 221’s ultimate effects on the Hawaiian economy–I have heard some very one-sided advocacy for continuing it.

    Additionally, people making the twisted case for “trickle-down” money to the working people, from the beneficent rich people, is obscene.

    These two factors alone are enough to merit inclusion of perspectives that are obviously being squelched:

  3. Great video . What most people seem to not realize is that no matter who gets the original money If they spend it here all of us will benefit.
    For every “rich” person there is someone, cleaning their house, doing their yard, maintaining their car, taking care of their personal beauty needs and each of those people then have money to buy the things that they need. How is this a bad” thing?
    Yes I feel that if off island investors are reqarded for putting their money in Hawaii we will all get some fall out from that and it is helpful. I feel that if we could stop looking at how bad it is and start being thankful for how wonderful it is to live in such a beautiful place the economy that we are experiencing would feel a lok better.

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