It’s Official… Pahoa Skate Park Closed Half the Time

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the County had official Skate Park rules and regulations that were punishable by law.

Yesterday I took my son to play at the new playground there and noticed from a distance that there was a sign on the fence that I hadn’t seen before.


Not my son skating!

When I got close enough to see what it said… it said this:


Now if you ask me… these hours are pretty bogus!  That means you can only legally use the place half the day.  I know for a fact that many people were and have been using it later then 7 pm.

Why would we prevent a place like this from being accessed at least until 10 pm?

5 Responses

  1. I’m 30 and I skate, and yeah, I think the hours should be all daylight hours. only close it to prevent nighttime crime! Anyway, I was wondering if this park is still around… not on the island to check it out, but really want to know if I can skate there this winter!

  2. I think children, who primarily use a facility like this, should be at home and in bed at this time. My daughter skates there and bikes there and she, nor I , have any problems with the parks hours. There are no lights and it rains half the time, dangerous. Come on, think of what these kids are doing. Its dangerous enough as it is without adding more to it. I think the rules and the hours are just fine!

  3. F*** them, they should put in lights the kids need something elsa to do the have fights behind the skatepark!!

  4. At Pahoa there are other fields there that may have lights & if so, why not skate til later. We should all have solar lights & should be able to skate safely until parks close which is normally 10-11pm.

  5. because there is no lights!!! helllooooo, I think it would be pretty dangerous to expect the kids to safely skate in the dark!!! Use your head Damon

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