Latest Book Contest for Cheapskates Like Me: Exploring Hilo


Many of you may have noticed the “Big Island on the Cheap” feed that I’ve had on my blog for a while now.   All week long they have been having contests to enter for random prizes.

If you went to the site, you would have also seen that they have an Oahu version of this site called “Honolulu on the Cheap“.

Well I just happened to peak my head over at those crazy Honozoolu folks and those lucky buggahs have a contest going on to win Leslie Langs book “Exploring Hilo” today…. What Honolulu folks… NO BOOK OF YOUR OWN!

So if you didn’t get a chance to enter when it was on the Big Island on the Cheap Site… here’s a second chance on the Oahu site.

Just for your information, it does appear that many of these contests are ENDING TODAY… So get your entries in while they are still open!

2 Responses

  1. Damon, thanks for keeping our contests on your radar! All pau now, but we’ll be drawing winners this week (you still have a shot at that ceramic lantern!). Andy Bumatai will draw Honolulu winners on The Andy Bumatai Show (, and I *think* the folks at ‘Imiloa are drawing Big Island winners. Stay tuned!

  2. I have a copy…it’s a great book, and so is the similar one in the series about Hamakua.

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