Kona Police to Fly to Alaska to Pick Up Man Wanted on Failure to Appear on Drunk Driving

Hat tip to Ian Lind for alerting us about this waste of money.

From the Anchorage Daily News:

A Kona, Hawaii, man who fled his sunny home state to escape an arrest warrant is cooling his heels in a Palmer jail after a savvy police detective found him in the Butte. ….arrested 32-year-old Tyler Ferguson last Thursday without incident…
…He found out Ferguson was wanted in Hawaii County, on the Big Island, for failing to appear in court on a driving under the influence charge, Turney said….
… State judicial service officials are now awaiting an extradition warrant issued through the governor’s offices of Hawaii and Alaska. That can take 60 to 90 days, said Trooper Rick Pyles, with judicial services. Ferguson could waive extradition and get back faster, Pyles said.

It will be officers from Kona doing the escorting..

More here

I wonder how many officers this is going to take… and funny how they can find a person who’s wanted for a DUI in another State, but they can’t find half the criminals in our own backyards?

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