2009 Montessori Ho’olaule’a Coverage on 24/7

I might as well kick myself… I grabbed my camera and headed off to the Ho’olaule’a this morning at Montessori Country School in Pahoa.  I didn’t realize that my batteries were dead and I wasn’t in the mood to run to the store and get new ones, as I wasn’t sticking around long because I just wasn’t feeling well still.

So needless to say… I don’t have any pictures of my own son’s Ho’olaule’a. :oops:

Baron Sekiya, from  Hawaii24/7,  was there and I begged him to take this picture of my son and myself.

Two Pirates.... ARRRGGHH

Two Pirates.... ARRRGGHH

Hawaii 24/7 has a great video of some of the events that were happening today as well as more pictures and you can view those here.

Hawaii Teen Takes First Place in 2009 Best Teen Chef Competition

…At a cooking competition in Santa Ana Saturday, Christian Dortch, a Wahiawa High School student, won first place, $5,000 in scholarships and an all-expenses paid trip to the International Culinary School international competition in North Carolina.

Hiroki Uchida, of Irvine, winner Christian Dortch of Wahiawa, Hawaii, and Keng Chui, of Fountain Valley, from left, get photographed after placing in the 2009 Best Teen Chef Competition on Saturday. Picture from OC REGISTER: http://tinyurl.com/d6f4am

Hiroki Uchida, of Irvine, winner Christian Dortch of Wahiawa, Hawaii, and Keng Chui, of Fountain Valley, from left, get photographed after placing in the 2009 Best Teen Chef Competition on Saturday. Picture from OC REGISTER: http://tinyurl.com/d6f4am

Dortch, 18, who recently transferred to high school in Hawaii, said he was shocked to win…

…Surrounded by metal fridges and ovens, the 14 high school students – 13 from California, one from Hawaii – cooked in three kitchens. They all made the contest meal of shrimp cocktail, sauteed chicken breast, fresh broccoli and rice pilaf…

Here’s a list of the young chefs that participated.

•Vyacheslav Sidorkin of Northridge.

Christian Dortch of Wahiawa, Hawaii.

•Jillian Pham of Fountain Valley.

•Kaitlyn Tedesco of San Pedro.

•Mirandah Smith of Fountain Valley.

•Chris Lounsbury of Seal Beach.

•Natalie Mastroianni of Irvine.

•Hiroki Uchida of Irvine.

•Daniel Fields of Huntington Beach.

•Luz Sesmas of Buena Park.

•Theresa Lord of Buena Park.

•Michael Scully of Ventura.

•Todd Kotow of Aliso Viejo.

•Keng Chiu of Fountain Valley.

More here

Spring Break 2009… Kind of Early This Year?

Many places in the world seem to go crazy over the Spring Break festivities. I never really had any crazy spring break adventures or anything per say… not saying that I wish I hadn’t.


On Monday the kids go on spring break. At my previous job with the DOE, I didn’t really get time off during breaks other then the standard State holidays.

It will be a nice little break from the kids and it’s definitely an excellent opportunity to get over this flu thing I’ve had for the last couple days.

I do wonder what many of these kids that are in school during the weekdays will be doing during their break. School for many of them is a great way for them to be in a protected environment surrounded by people that care about their future.

The outside world can be a cruel place at times and I know from growing up myself, much of the trouble I got into was during times when school was not in session.

Of course then there is the time that I broke my arm just a couple days before my summer break and that pretty much ruined my break that year.

Funny thing is… I don’t ever remember Spring Break being this early in the year?

In 2009, spring fell on March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere.

I thought a break in something was typically towards the middle?

All this means… is it’s going to be that much longer until summer.

Latest Book Contest for Cheapskates Like Me: Exploring Hilo


Many of you may have noticed the “Big Island on the Cheap” feed that I’ve had on my blog for a while now.   All week long they have been having contests to enter for random prizes.

If you went to the site, you would have also seen that they have an Oahu version of this site called “Honolulu on the Cheap“.

Well I just happened to peak my head over at those crazy Honozoolu folks and those lucky buggahs have a contest going on to win Leslie Langs book “Exploring Hilo” today…. What Honolulu folks… NO BOOK OF YOUR OWN!

So if you didn’t get a chance to enter when it was on the Big Island on the Cheap Site… here’s a second chance on the Oahu site.

Just for your information, it does appear that many of these contests are ENDING TODAY… So get your entries in while they are still open!

Kona Police to Fly to Alaska to Pick Up Man Wanted on Failure to Appear on Drunk Driving

Hat tip to Ian Lind for alerting us about this waste of money.

From the Anchorage Daily News:

A Kona, Hawaii, man who fled his sunny home state to escape an arrest warrant is cooling his heels in a Palmer jail after a savvy police detective found him in the Butte. ….arrested 32-year-old Tyler Ferguson last Thursday without incident…
…He found out Ferguson was wanted in Hawaii County, on the Big Island, for failing to appear in court on a driving under the influence charge, Turney said….
… State judicial service officials are now awaiting an extradition warrant issued through the governor’s offices of Hawaii and Alaska. That can take 60 to 90 days, said Trooper Rick Pyles, with judicial services. Ferguson could waive extradition and get back faster, Pyles said.

It will be officers from Kona doing the escorting..

More here

I wonder how many officers this is going to take… and funny how they can find a person who’s wanted for a DUI in another State, but they can’t find half the criminals in our own backyards?