Helicopter Complaint Lines Available

I got wind that the county received a few complaints recently about the low flying helicopters over HPP, Orchidland and HOVE.

…Descriptions of the helicopters varied. (In the past the DEA has contracted with private helicopter companies to help their operations)

The DEA complaint line is: 808-541-1185

To find out if Hawaii County Police are involved in Helicopter flights overhead, you can call 961-2253.

To find out if the Hawaii National Guard is involved. Call National Guard Public Affairs (Lt. Maj. Chuck Anthony) at 808-733-4258.

The state DOT airports division (State aviation officer Henry Bruckner, 836-6411) forwards complaints to the the FAA.

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  1. I live on east end of Molokai and yesterday, we counted 5 helicopters in an hour! They tour the north shore waterfalls and they fly right over our house on the return to Maui. We had a crash a few months ago a few hundred yards from our east end elementary school, Kilohana! These guys are dangerous, they scare livestock and us as well. How can we stop them? Why can’t they fly over the ocean only and not over houses?

  2. You can contact the airport in Honolulu and file a complaint. They will send you a written report/complaint in 3 weeks or so. The person on the phone said it is good to file your report with a name and address and info on the helicopter so you have a log. You can contact them at 1-888-697-7813. (I live in the district of Puna on the Big Island.)

  3. I live on kauai and we get the stupid helicopters here too. They are obnoxiously loud, and fly in a grid pattern over my home at 8:00am. WTF! why 8:00 in the morning!

    I’m about ready to buy a missile launcher on the black market and destroy them myself!!!! (anyone know any good terrorist arms dealers?)

    who we can call on kauai to complain about this?

    Marijuana growers/smokers are not criminals, and should not be hunted down by helicopters!

  4. I have no “axe to grind” about whether Marijuana is legal or not. I’m a retired 25 year law officer and a former Army helicopter crew chief.

    I’m totally outraged on how belligerent the yellow DEA Hughes 500d was flying over HPP on St. Patrick’s day. That chopper was just over the Ohia’s in my backyard and TOTALLY put my house and me in absolute danger. I don’t grow pot and I’m not interested in arguing about that. If that chopper would have clipped the top of my trees it would have crashed right into my house!! Not to mention..there’s no way they can justify the use of force. There is no Mafia around me and they never even found anything. Where do I complain besides the P.D.!! This is my second year here and I’m irate about these kind of “Cowboy tactics”! I want action and I’m willing to sit across the table, with my credentials from the DEA supervisor. This has got to be rained in folks, before something bad happens!!

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