Big Island International Marathon “Carb Up”

On Sunday the 22nd, the Big Island International Marathon will be taking place in Hilo where runners from around the world will test their endurance on the Big Island.


Tonight was the pre-race “Carb Up” where the athletes try to suck up as much carbohydrates a few nights before the race w/out having them weight them down the day of the race.


While I could never run a marathon myself, I had no problem keeping up with them at the dinner table.


Runners from around the world came together for a great evening of food and entertainment.  I sat with a fellow from Australia and Canada:


The entertainment was great lead by a local Halau from the Big Island.




ESPN Talk Radio host Josh Pacheco was the DJ for the evening, you can see him and Wayne Joseph the race director discussing some of the evenings plans.


BIIMA Course Measurer, Curtis Beck

BIIMA Course Measurer, Curtis Beck

It wouldn’t be an event without someone representing the Mayors Office:


A great time was had by all, and my stomach definitely got it’s share of “Carbs” for the weekend.


For more information on the Marathon, click here or visit Wayne Josephs blog for more information about Running on the Big Island.

Click on pictures below for larger image:

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