Grandma Nan on Pot Smoking for the Elderly

73 Year Old Grandma Nan from Puna is at it again:

I NEED TO READ MY BOOK TO YOU : POT SMOKIN FOR THE ELDERLY … quick before my eyesight is totally gone. …nanette verla norman … social philosophical poetic commentator …this is my last book in a series of one or more a year for the last 30 years … lotza verse … some prose … all opinionated … xoxnanette


Big Island International Marathon “Carb Up”

On Sunday the 22nd, the Big Island International Marathon will be taking place in Hilo where runners from around the world will test their endurance on the Big Island.


Tonight was the pre-race “Carb Up” where the athletes try to suck up as much carbohydrates a few nights before the race w/out having them weight them down the day of the race.


While I could never run a marathon myself, I had no problem keeping up with them at the dinner table.


Runners from around the world came together for a great evening of food and entertainment.  I sat with a fellow from Australia and Canada:


The entertainment was great lead by a local Halau from the Big Island.




ESPN Talk Radio host Josh Pacheco was the DJ for the evening, you can see him and Wayne Joseph the race director discussing some of the evenings plans.


BIIMA Course Measurer, Curtis Beck

BIIMA Course Measurer, Curtis Beck

It wouldn’t be an event without someone representing the Mayors Office:


A great time was had by all, and my stomach definitely got it’s share of “Carbs” for the weekend.


For more information on the Marathon, click here or visit Wayne Josephs blog for more information about Running on the Big Island.

Click on pictures below for larger image:

*Update* Grants Available: County of Hawaii Applying for $647,364 in Federal Funds for Community Development Block Grants

*Update*   Anyone interested in applying for CDBG funds can find application packets at . (Look for the link at the bottom of the bottom of the page for the “2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Program.) If you have any questions please contact Brian Ishimoto at 961-8379.
Media Release:

The County of Hawai’i’s Office of Housing and Community Development (OHCD) will be applying for federal funds pursuant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is seeking qualified entities to implement eligible projects and activities in the County of Hawai’i.  The CDBG Program allocation to the County of Hawai’i under the Recovery Act is estimated to be $647,364.00.

The CDBG Program enables the County to undertake a wide range of activities intended to create suitable living environments, provide decent affordable housing and create economic opportunities, primarily for persons of low- and moderate-income.  To be eligible for funding the proposed project or activity must be eligible as described in Title 24, Code of Federal Regulations Sections 570.200 through 570.205 and 570.207.

Applications for funds from the CDBG Program in accordance with the Recovery Act must be received at the County of Hawai’i Office of Housing and Community Development, 50 Wailuku Drive, Hilo, Hawai’i  96720 by 4:00 pm, Hawai’i Standard Time on March 31 , 2009. Applications received after the time and date fixed shall not be considered.

To be eligible for funding under this Program, applicants must complete a project proposal form containing but not limited to the following:

(1)               A brief and concise summary of the proposed project or activity;

(2)               Explain how the proposed project will directly address and resolve a Community Development Goal and high or medium Priority Community Development Need as outlined in the County’s 2005-2009 Consolidated Plan;

(3)               Describe the persons that will directly benefit from the proposed project in terms of the number of persons and income level and, as applicable, age and special needs;

(4)               Describe how the proposed project or activity can begin within 120 days and expend funds within 12 months of the grant award;

(5)               Describe the number of jobs that will be created or retained by the project or activity, whether the jobs are temporary or long-term and other economic benefit as applicable;

(6)               A brief and concise description of your organization and mission;

(7)               Project Budget Form(s); and

(8)               Project Schedule Form.

Funding priority shall be given to projects or activities that can award contracts based on bids within 120 days and expend funds within 12 months of grant award as well as maximize job creation, retention and economic benefit.

To be eligible for funding under this Program, applicants must certify that they have documented capacity to:

(1)               Comply with all applicable requirements of all Federal, State and County laws, executive orders, regulations, policies and program requirements governing the CDBG Program and the Recovery Act; and

(2)               Provide additional information and documentation as requested by the OHCD, which may include but not be limited to audited and/or internal financial statements, proof of site control, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, federal tax returns, and list of board of Directors and Officers.

Potential applicants interested in responding to this request may do so by contacting Brian Ishimoto, Housing Specialist at (808) 961-8379 or email at to request and obtain required project application forms.

Application under this request shall be not construed as an obligation of funds.  The County reserves the right to incorporate or not incorporate any recommendations presented in response to this request in its application for funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  The OHCD will administer the CDBG Program of the Recovery Act for the County of Hawai’i.

William P. Kenoi

Mayor, County of Hawai’i

Hawaii Pilot Inman Spared Jail for Attempting to Fly 747 Drunk

A pilot who was three times over the alcohol limit in the cockpit of a Boeing 747 at Heathrow was spared jail yesterday after pleas from his bosses.


Jefferson Inman, 44, was given a suspended sentence which means he could be able to resume flying after therapy.

The American father of two was acting as First Officer when he was arrested on the flight deck of a United Airlines plane preparing to take off for San Francisco.

Police, called in by worried ground staff, breathalyzed him and he was led off Flight 955 in front of stunned passengers.

Blood results revealed that he had 60mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood.

The legal limit for pilots who are about to fly a commercial plane is 20mg – the UK drink-driving limit is 80mg.

The flight was delayed for nearly three hours as United Airlines searched for another pilot…

…Inman, who lives in Hawaii, was also supported by a host of character references from colleagues. They described him as an ‘expert pilot’ whose skills could be called upon in any situation…

More Here

Kona to Receive New Kaiser Medical Clinic

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii has bought a 9.9-acre parcel in Kona to build a new clinic to serve its growing Big Island membership…

…Kaiser spokeswoman Lynn Kenton told PBN that the project is in its early stages. She said Kaiser soon will begin drafting designs for the new clinic, which will replace its existing clinic at 75-184 Hualalai Road when it opens in 2013

…The new Kona clinic will be Kaiser’s biggest construction project since it completed a new wing and major renovations at its main Moanalua hospital on Oahu last year…

More Here

Helicopter Complaint Lines Available

I got wind that the county received a few complaints recently about the low flying helicopters over HPP, Orchidland and HOVE.

…Descriptions of the helicopters varied. (In the past the DEA has contracted with private helicopter companies to help their operations)

The DEA complaint line is: 808-541-1185

To find out if Hawaii County Police are involved in Helicopter flights overhead, you can call 961-2253.

To find out if the Hawaii National Guard is involved. Call National Guard Public Affairs (Lt. Maj. Chuck Anthony) at 808-733-4258.

The state DOT airports division (State aviation officer Henry Bruckner, 836-6411) forwards complaints to the the FAA.

Easter Egg Hunt and Playground Blessing

On Wednesday, April 8th @2:00 pm, Council Member Emily Naeole will be Blessing the new playground at Hawaiian Beaches.

Following the blessing, an Easter Egg Hunt for the Keiki will take place.


For more information, Contact Gwen at 965-2714

Mauna Kea Book Up for Grabs in Latest Cheap Contest

Big Island Author/Writer/Blogger Leslie Lang has offered up a copy of her book that she co-wrote with David Byrne for the latest Big Island on the Cheap Contest.

Latest Contest Prize Over at Big Island on the Cheap

Latest Contest Prize Over at Big Island on the Cheap

There are two ways to enter to win this book … Complete contest details

Entries must be received by midnight, Hawai‘i time on March 21, 2009.

More here


It’s my understanding that @AndyBumatai will be drawing the winners on his Late Night with Andy Bumatai Show on the 24th.

Tomorrow: Super Fun Show… Coming To Pahoa Next Weekend


The Super Fun Show (formerly known as the The Shawn Brown Show) has been touring Hawaii for the last few days:  March 11th 2009, Lanai Children’s Concert –  March 12th   2009, Hana  Children’s Concert – March 13th 2009,  Maui Community College Children’s Concert – March 14th 2009, Maui AEYC  Conference Keynote.

Saturday, March 21st, The Super Fun Show will be stopping by Pahoa to put on a performance at the Montessori Schools Spring Ho’olaule’a across from Pahoa High and Elementary School.


About Shawn Brown:

Shawn Brown was born in Chicago Illinois and this is where he began his road to destiny as a born again Christian then an actor, comedian and motivational speaker. There he developed a strong background in theater and music.

In 1977 Shawn joined the US Air Force where he was trained as a communications cable splicer. While traveling from base to base performing his military duties Shawn still found time to entertain the troops at various talent shows and Air Force show cases throughout the United States and Europe.

In 1985 he found himself in Hollywood California making his entertainment dreams come true. In December of 1984 Shawn was doing standup comedy at various clubs all over the city and there he developed a strong following locally and as fate would have it one of his performances landed him a recording contract. He wrote and produced a song that was played all over the country on several radio formats. This unique song was his impersonation of the late great John Wayne doing a rap song. This recording entitled “The Rappin Duke” boosted him into the lime light and he traveled all around the country opening up for groups like Bobby Brown and Stevie Wonder. Speaking of wonder Shawn was a one hit wonder and after the success of his record everyone wondered where he went. Radio was where he went. Shawn was the morning announcer for KDKS in Shreveport, Louisiana and from there he was living on the air in Cincinnati as the morning announcer. After leaving Cincinnati, he began writing for super jocks Tom Joyner and Doug Banks.

In 1990 Shawn was back in Chicago continuing his studies at Chicago State University. While enrolled there he took a script writing class and one of the assignments of the class was to write a TV sitcom script and submit it to the Robert Guillaume script writing competition. Shawn won that competition and was the ambassador for Chicago State University in West Hollywood California. There he received his award from Robert Guillaume and Danny Glover. Shawn took this new found talent and began writing and producing plays in Southern California.

In 1990 while still in Chicago Shawn was performing stand up comedy all over the city. While performing in Chicago he was able to meet Bernie Mac and performed regularly with him and other notable comics. That same year Shawn and Bernie Mac were in a face off at the Regal Theater on the Chicago’s south side in the Miller Lite comedy competition hosted by Damon Wayans. Bernie Mac took first place and Shawn placed a cool second. With these talents of writing and comedy budding forth Shawn decided to pursue his writing career in the pursuit of destiny.

In 1993 Shawn formed his own company, Role Model Productions in Southern California and began working in the inner city with at-risk youth. There, he found himself writing dramas about teen pregnancy, gang violence, and drug abuse. These dramas were performed in high schools and middle schools all over Southern California.

In 2001 Shawn moved Role Model Productions to Atlanta. He began teaching after school drama classes for various centers in the city. He now writes and implements unique and entertaining curriculum for daycares and private schools. Shawn and his staff travel to centers all over the country.

The remainder of the Hawaii tour is at the following locations:

  • March 16th, St. Anthony Church, Wailuku Maui
  • March 17th , Molokai
  • March 18th, Up Country
  • March 19th Lahaina
  • March 30th end Hawaii tour, Schofield Barracks

For more information on the Ho’olaule’a, click here.

Green Zebra Coming to Hawaii?

Green Zebra has taken off-road adventure to a new level, by offering guests the latest in recreational vehicles, the exclusive Tomcar, and combining it with a management team that has researched and developed a travel adventure portfolio which will include 15 resort destinations from the Caribbean to Hawaii


…To expedite this rapid growth, Green Zebra has aligned itself with established, leading tour management operations in each target market. Each of these operations has been carefully selected based on their current success and reputation in their target market area.

Each exclusive Green Zebra market was selected based on geographic and demographic profile of the Aruba market. All are popular, year-round tourist destinations frequented by visitors from around the world.

More here

Project Better Place: “Governor Lingle of Hawaii was really the driving force behind getting us to Hawaii”

Project Better Place is in the news again, this time is the New York Times

…”DP: Hawaii’s an island. Australia’s a big island. Why islands?

SA: Contained islands are easier to work with, because you have sort of an ecosystem of cars that don’t go in and out…”

To see a recent CBS video on the project, click here

Electric Car Stations

TONIGHT: Hawaii Island Sustainability Forum