Superferry Going Under Now is a GOOD Thing for Big Island

Believe it or not… I am a bit disappointed that the Superferry has been ordered to shutdown.

Lingle and her Oldschool Girls pretty much got spanked and even Lingle is still trying to prevent the closure.

It is a good thing that it shut down now, before it started operations on the Big Island.   I can only imagine all the people and farmers that would be struggling now to figure out how to ship their produce to the other islands with such a short notice.

I pretty much expect that with this shutdown… we might actually see the Superferry on this island a bit sooner!

From Dissappeared News

From Dissappeared News

If the military takes it over… I bet they would start running the ferry as Military Transport w/out having to go through as many hoops and barrels as a private company would.

Photo from

Photo from

I kind of wish that I would have taken at least one trip on the buggah.  It’s not too often that citizens get a chance to ride on Military Prototypes for very little cost.

Anyone want to place wagers on how quickly we see the Superferry looking something like this?

Photo from

Photo from

2 Responses

  1. Yeah, man, we frickin’ spiked your Kool-Aid, dude.

  2. Check your Kool-aid..I think the Kauai guyz may have dosed you….

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