Kids Pictures on Blogs

I got an interesting email from someone:

FYI, there are incredibly strict rules about posting pictures of kids on the internet without having specific permission from the parents.  That’s why schools often don’t have any pictures of kids on their websites.  The rules came about because of concerns over child porn and deviates who have creepy designs on kids.  Also because of messy custody disputes and families hiding from abusive family members, and so not wanting where their kid goes to school to be public knowledge.  I know you have no ill intent here, but you may want to reconsider posting the kids’ pictures on your website unless you have the permission forms signed by the parents.  I ran into this when I had a website for one of my classes, the principal didn’t know the new rules, but her boss sure did and I had to pull all the pictures with kids in them who were recognizable, which defeated the whole purpose of the website.
Your blogsite is looking good, by the way.

In case anyone is wondering… This does not pertain to blogs… and I would never post child pornography.

Please remember this is a blog… a personal journal… etc. It’s my scrapbook and no one can tell me what I can and can’t put in my digital scrapbook.

If someone has a problem with posting pictures of kids on the internet… I suggest they start by clicking here or clicking here and going after these sites.


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  1. Neeterlou says “…it’s just like print media, you just don’t do it”. Huh? We see it all the time , front page and all, children being identified in pictures that are of community interest.

  2. Simply NEVER put a child’s name associated with a photo on an the Internet, period. It’s no different than print media. You just don’t do it.
    Schools, community groups etc. I’m surprised the schools don’t know this, but they should. Just don’t do it.

    Damon – I find it a bit ironic that someone using an “Anonymous” identity is so against this.

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