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The FBI Blogs site had a soft launch last week and I’ll be pushing it a bit more in the next week.

I have had my hands full the last few days trying out new things with the site.  It’s been an interesting few days working out kinks and tweaks with the site.

I wish I was more talented at things like this, and it’s a big learning process for me to get this thing started up.

I’ve decided to limit the amount of bloggers to 25 for now, which means I have room for about 3 more spots.

I’ve opened up the RSS feeds to 2 posts per blogger so that people won’t feel as though they might be missing something.

I’m still waiting for the PROFILE PICTURE OF MR. TIM SULLIVAN!… He might get stuck with some toes if he doesn’t send me his profile picture soon… (personal joke).

I’ll be adding a few new features to the site as the weeks progress and see what direction things go.  Once the site is up and running, it should be very little to no maintenance at all.  I wish I could figure out a script to move my widgets automatically.

Larry … you know how to do that by any chance?

I’d like to thank Macario for posting the first Header image for the site.  Still looking for other submissions, and I don’t see why the header can’t change every once in awhile.

I’m beta testing a chat feature where people could chat amongst other people on the site while they are visiting.  Currently looking at Gabbly, but I don’t like the ads that pop-up on it.  If anyone knows of a good “Free” chat client that allows people to chat over a site w/out all the ads… please let me know.

As soon as I get that site going… I can go back to blogging like a normal blogger… or do I mean abnormal?

I’m also looking at different ways to possibly feed the site directly so there isn’t that initial lag when accessing the site.

So come check out some of the best blogs on the Big Island:

FBI Big Island Blogs

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  1. Gosh Damon, after all the nice things I said about you, now you’re trying to shame me into action? I admit it: I’m the one with a “face for radio”, which by logical extension, means I also have a “face for blogging”.

    Honestly, I like what you’ve got there right now in lieu of my picture.


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