Who Checks These Things Anyways? Latest County Press Release Brings Up Questions

Earlier tonight, I received a press release from the county that I just put on my blog without even really reading it:

Civil Defense Installs Talisman Emergency Notification System… Sounds Like Something Like Twitter

I was just reading the post again and something came to my attention:

The County is licensed by Talisman to use the system without charge. Anyone wishing to use the service must sign up. Visit www.talismanlbs.net, or simply send a text message from your phone with the words “JOIN HCCD” to 32862

Has anyone tried the link on that talismalbs.net link for Hawaii? Am I the only one that get’s directed to this site? Is anyone else having troubles reading that besides me?

I’m also not real literate with texting messages… so can someone please explain how that texting thing works out to us people who don’t understand technology just yet.

Good thing when I do need the Civil Defense… It will probably be to late to depend on them.

2 Responses

  1. Yeah, it does look pretty strange via the web.

    I texted the number instead and received this response
    Welcome to Hawaii County’s Mobile Alert Service. Emergency alerts will be sent to you via SMS. To quit, txt STOP. Std SMS msg charges apply.

    How I’m guessing this works is that an immediate alert would be sent (not necessarily immediately) to this talisman service and all registered users would receive the text message. The website itself looks like it’s partially set up.

    Texting is the old Twitter, sort of. I think that texts in these situations may be more useful than twitter because most people have mobile phones than twitter accounts or twitter enabled mobile phones. The bigger issue is the efficiency of Civil Defense getting messages out timely.

  2. What the…….???
    Good eye. That’s pretty funny. Sorta.

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