Shipman Contributes to Kea’au High School Wrestling Team and Grad Night as well as the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce

Media Release

W. H. Shipman, Ltd. recently made contributions to Kea‘au High School for its wrestling team and graduation night programs; WHS also provided support to the Hawai‘i Island Chamber of Commerce to support education and legislative activities.

A kama‘aina family-owned company established in 1882, WHS has a history of community involvement.

WHS stepped in when Kea‘au High’s wrestling team was short $600 to cover its trip to the state Wrestling Tournament, held on
O‘ahu. The company also gave the school $1,000 toward the graduation night event that provides a safe celebration.

“Kea‘au schools are part of our immediate community and we believe businesses and residents should support them, through financial help attending events and participating in school councils or other ways. Each of us has a responsibility to educating our community’s youth,” said William Walter, WHS president.

“We also gave the Hawai‘i Island Chamber of Commerce $2,000 to support programs, particularly ones that help business ride this economic wave we’re on,” he added. “We need to stick together to keep East Hawai‘i as strong as possible.”

W.H. Shipman has 17,000 acres in the Puna District and is engaged in agriculture and commercial/industrial development and leasing.

As a land steward, the company holds a long range-view to sustainability and planned development for balanced community use.

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