Upcoming Police Complaints to be Discussed at Next Police Commission Meeting

Upcoming complaints against the Hawaii Police Department to be discussed at the next Police Commission Meeting to be held on Friday, March 20:

HPC 08-32: Complainant alleged that during his arrest, officers did not present a search warrant, his cane was taken away, he was pushed and knocked to the ground, and the handcuffs were too tight.

HPC 08-33: Complainant alleged that an officer disclosed her confidential medical records without her authorization. At the previous meeting, the commission found insufficient evidence to prove the complainant’s allegation. The complainant presents additional information for reconsideration of the commission’s decision.

HPC 09-01: Complainant alleged that the police did not serve his TRO.

HPC 09-02: Complainant reported that a male and female asked him about purchasing cannabis. He alleged that an officer told him it was because of the way he looked. He also alleged that the officer told him that if he didn’t like it, he could move away from that side of the island.

HPC 09-03A & 03B: Complainants alleged that an officer arrested the wrong person in a domestic abuse case. The complaint was deferred in order to obtain additional information.

HPC 09-07: Complainant alleged that an officer wouldn’t accept his copy of the automobile insurance certificate.

More details on the meeting here.

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