NOELANI Was the SOLE RECIPIENT of the Dubious Big Island Press Club’s “2008 Lava Tube Award”


Earlier I posted a blog mentioning that the Entire Department of Public Works received the 2008 Lava Tube Awards.  I believe this may be incorrect.

This was a Press Release that was sent to me by a “Little Birdie” that copied and pasted from a reliable source.

I have heard from a “a different birdie”  that  IT WAS NOELANI… AND NOELANI ALONE that RECEIVED THE DUBIOUS AWARD.

I guess we will just have to wait and see as more releases eventually come out.  I wasn’t at the meeting, so I hope someone who was, can give me the details on this.

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  1. Damon,

    I am confirming that Noelani Whittington is the sole recipient of the BIPC Lava Tube this year. A draft citation that named the entire department was incorrect on my part, as the board voted to “award” it to Noelani.


    Damon – Thank you for the confirmation. I can officially bow down to the BIPC and say… “YOU GUYS ROCK!” Where do I send that membership again?

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