Double Dose of Grandma Nan: Last Name Verla Norman and Sings Us Another Song and Talks About Friday the 13th… Oh and of Course Marijuana

In the latest youtube clip posted by 73 Year Old Grandma Nan from Puna, she has listed her last name:

Nanette Verla Norman … social philosophical poetic commentator … that means i write verse … so much money to be made for the state of Hawaii with legal control with decriminalization … dignity for dopers … so think … xoxnanette


Grandma nan says hawaiians could be rich on hawaiian hemp … cuz its friday the 13th and everything happens on this great day … did you hear what ron paul said about hemp for ethanol … cheaper made than corn or sugar for that purpose … so much info comes out of youtube … better than television or radio has ever been … no longer do i suffer cuz i cant read the newspaper … im a paper person … but im happy weed takes care of my need…. not for children or driving


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