Upcoming Police Complaints to be Discussed at Next Police Commission Meeting

Upcoming complaints against the Hawaii Police Department to be discussed at the next Police Commission Meeting to be held on Friday, March 20:

HPC 08-32: Complainant alleged that during his arrest, officers did not present a search warrant, his cane was taken away, he was pushed and knocked to the ground, and the handcuffs were too tight.

HPC 08-33: Complainant alleged that an officer disclosed her confidential medical records without her authorization. At the previous meeting, the commission found insufficient evidence to prove the complainant’s allegation. The complainant presents additional information for reconsideration of the commission’s decision.

HPC 09-01: Complainant alleged that the police did not serve his TRO.

HPC 09-02: Complainant reported that a male and female asked him about purchasing cannabis. He alleged that an officer told him it was because of the way he looked. He also alleged that the officer told him that if he didn’t like it, he could move away from that side of the island.

HPC 09-03A & 03B: Complainants alleged that an officer arrested the wrong person in a domestic abuse case. The complaint was deferred in order to obtain additional information.

HPC 09-07: Complainant alleged that an officer wouldn’t accept his copy of the automobile insurance certificate.

More details on the meeting here.

Who Checks These Things Anyways? Latest County Press Release Brings Up Questions

Earlier tonight, I received a press release from the county that I just put on my blog without even really reading it:

Civil Defense Installs Talisman Emergency Notification System… Sounds Like Something Like Twitter

I was just reading the post again and something came to my attention:

The County is licensed by Talisman to use the system without charge. Anyone wishing to use the service must sign up. Visit www.talismanlbs.net, or simply send a text message from your phone with the words “JOIN HCCD” to 32862

Has anyone tried the link on that talismalbs.net link for Hawaii? Am I the only one that get’s directed to this site? Is anyone else having troubles reading that besides me?

I’m also not real literate with texting messages… so can someone please explain how that texting thing works out to us people who don’t understand technology just yet.

Good thing when I do need the Civil Defense… It will probably be to late to depend on them.

NOELANI Was the SOLE RECIPIENT of the Dubious Big Island Press Club’s “2008 Lava Tube Award”


Earlier I posted a blog mentioning that the Entire Department of Public Works received the 2008 Lava Tube Awards.  I believe this may be incorrect.

This was a Press Release that was sent to me by a “Little Birdie” that copied and pasted from a reliable source.

I have heard from a “a different birdie”  that  IT WAS NOELANI… AND NOELANI ALONE that RECEIVED THE DUBIOUS AWARD.

I guess we will just have to wait and see as more releases eventually come out.  I wasn’t at the meeting, so I hope someone who was, can give me the details on this.

Civil Defense Installs Talisman Emergency Notification System… Sounds Like Something Like Twitter

Media Release:

When wild fires, floods, earthquakes or any natural calamity affect the Big Island, people need to know quickly how to react, and the Hawaii County Civil Defense has a new way of notifying residents and visitors of emergency situations.

The Civil Defense agency has signed on with Honolulu-based Talisman LBS to send text messages to the cell phone of anyone who requests the service whenever there is emergency information to transmit.

The service is free although users will incur normal text messaging charges. However the number and type of messages received from Civil Defense can be controlled by users at any time after signing up.

Civil Defense Administrator Quince said primarily the service will be offered to vacationers who may be less likely to tune in to local radio stations for emergency information, and even less likely to be signed up for City Watch, a telephone voice message Civil Defense emergency notification system.

“We will be asking the hotels to provide their guests with information about Talisman which can help them be aware of potentially dangerous situations while they’re on the island,” Mento said.

Civil Defense now issues alerts via local radio stations and City Watch.

The Talisman system is a complementary notification system that provides added flexibility and coverage to the Civil Defense notification network. “It’s another layer of awareness,” Mento said.

The County is licensed by Talisman to use the system without charge. Anyone wishing to use the service must sign up. Visit www.talismanlbs.net, or simply send a text message from your phone with the words “JOIN HCCD” to 32862

Emergency Response Exercise on Wednesday, March 18

Media Release:

A state National Guard unit from Barber’s Point, Oahu, will be joining Hilo first responders in a full-scale emergency preparedness exercise on Wednesday, March 18. The exercise is designed to test the agencies’ ability to respond in the event of a man-made crisis.

The National Guard’s 93rd Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team is a statewide resource that is available to respond to a variety of emergency situations.

The scenario for the exercise involves a planned attack against local government and the tourism industry. As part of the exercise, Civil Defense will activate its Emergency Response Plans while the Hawaii County Fire Department will activate its Incident Command Structure.

“This exercise is a great way for our organizations to work together in a realistic setting,” said Lt. Col. Trey Johnson, Commander of the 93rd WMD CST. “The added bonus for us is greater understanding of how we can support the community in an emergency or disaster.”

The exercise will be focused on Hilo Harbor and the Civil Air Patrol hanger at Hilo Airport. Fire trucks and other emergency vehicles will be operating at these locations. Motorists and pedestrians are advised to exercise extra caution in the vicinity of the exercise.

No road closures or other measures that would significantly impact the public are expected during the course of the exercise.

For more information, call Hawaii County Civil Defense at 935-0031.

Shipman Contributes to Kea’au High School Wrestling Team and Grad Night as well as the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce

Media Release

W. H. Shipman, Ltd. recently made contributions to Kea‘au High School for its wrestling team and graduation night programs; WHS also provided support to the Hawai‘i Island Chamber of Commerce to support education and legislative activities.

A kama‘aina family-owned company established in 1882, WHS has a history of community involvement.

WHS stepped in when Kea‘au High’s wrestling team was short $600 to cover its trip to the state Wrestling Tournament, held on
O‘ahu. The company also gave the school $1,000 toward the graduation night event that provides a safe celebration.

“Kea‘au schools are part of our immediate community and we believe businesses and residents should support them, through financial help attending events and participating in school councils or other ways. Each of us has a responsibility to educating our community’s youth,” said William Walter, WHS president.

“We also gave the Hawai‘i Island Chamber of Commerce $2,000 to support programs, particularly ones that help business ride this economic wave we’re on,” he added. “We need to stick together to keep East Hawai‘i as strong as possible.”

W.H. Shipman has 17,000 acres in the Puna District and is engaged in agriculture and commercial/industrial development and leasing.

As a land steward, the company holds a long range-view to sustainability and planned development for balanced community use.

*UPDATE* Big Island Press Club Selects Noelani Whittington from the Hawaii County Department of Public Works as the Recipient of its 2008 Lava Tube Award… Re: Bloggers Are People Too


My apologies for throwing the entire Hawaii County Department of Public Works under the bus for the following post.  Please see the above post or click here for the correction as Ms. Noelani Whittington, from the DPW, is the sole recipient of this award.

The Big Island Press Club has selected the Hawaii County Department of
Public Works as the recipient of its Lava Tube Award for 2008. The dubious
honor highlights the worst violation of government openness in the state.
In an unexpected twist, the Torch of Light Award goes to Gov. Linda Lingle
and the Hawaii State Legislature for passing a journalism shield law.

Public Works “wins” this year for a memo that Public Information Officer
Noelani Whittington
wrote in mid-November directing employees on how to
handle media requests. Whittington’s job is to improve the flow of
information between the government and the public, who has every right to
know what is going on. Instead, she instructed employees not to speak to
the media, not to discuss the causes of problems and how to stop the
photographing or videotaping of baseyards and road projects.

More egregiously, the since-rescinded memo names several individuals –
Dave Corrigan, Aaron Stene and Damon Tucker – who were not to receive any information from the department. That directive flies in the face of the
County Charter requirement that “all persons shall be treated in a
courteous, fair and impartial manner.” It appears the exception to “all
persons” is bloggers, because as the memo stated, “They are not
journalists. They write what they think.” The freedom to write what we
think is a basic human right, not a reason to withhold information.

Every year since 1997, the BIPC has given a Lava Tube dishonorable mention to the Hawaii State Legislature for its self-exemption from the Sunshine Law. While the BIPC continues to support closing that loophole, this year the club’s Board of Directors chose to recognize the lawmakers for
something they did right.

In 2008. Reps. Blake Oshiro, Kirk Caldwell, Glenn Wakai, Gene Ward and
Tommy Waters introduced a journalism shield bill, which the Legislature
passed with no “nay” votes, and which Gov. Linda Lingle signed into law.

The law is not perfect. The BIPC supports a strengthening of its
provisions in the future and is concerned about the repeal date of June
30, 2011. Yet a weakened shield law is better than nothing, and helps to
ensure the free flow of information to the public.

The Lava Tube and Torch of Light awards are announced each year on March 16, which is celebrated nationwide as Freedom of Information Day on the birthday of James Madison, the foremost champion of openness in government among the nation’s founding fathers. Madison was born in 1751.

The Big Island Press Club was founded in Hilo in 1967. The Lava Tube and
Torch of Light awards have been presented annually since being established
on the occasion of the Club’s 30th anniversary in 1997.


2007 Board of Education

2006 Kauai County Council, Honolulu City and County Council

2005 Third Circuit District Court Judge Matthew Pyun

2004 State Land Board Chairman Peter Young

2003 State Sen. Calvin Kawamoto

2002 University of Hawaii Board of Regents

2001 University of Hawaii Board of Regents

2000 State Rep. Eric Hamakawa, Hawaii County Councilman James Arakaki

1999 Hawaii County Council

1998 Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano

1997 Hawaii County Councilman Elroy Osorio

New Installment of Hawaiian Idol VI: Melissa Hua

Here is the latest installment of Hawaiian Idol VI:

Melissa Hua:


Take Care of Mauna Kea Folks! Land Board Meeting Coming Up

Richard Ha brings attention to the Comprehensive Management Plan once again and reminds folks that the Land Board Meeting will be held on April 7th, 8th and 9th at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel.

For some very disturbing pictures of what is happening up there, I urge you to check out Ha! Ha! Ha! for his blog today on some of the desecration that is happening up there and some reasons to attend this meeting.

Spray-painted graffiti at adze quarry

Spray-painted graffiti at adze quarry

Pooki’s Cookies in Pahoa Now Has Website


I just noticed that Pooki’s Cookies in the Pahoa Market Place now has a website where you can order your baked goods online.

I myself think they are a bit overpriced… but heck… Everything is overpriced when you have been unemployed as long as I have been!

You can check out their website by clicking the logo below:


Double Dose of Grandma Nan: Last Name Verla Norman and Sings Us Another Song and Talks About Friday the 13th… Oh and of Course Marijuana

In the latest youtube clip posted by 73 Year Old Grandma Nan from Puna, she has listed her last name:

Nanette Verla Norman … social philosophical poetic commentator … that means i write verse … so much money to be made for the state of Hawaii with legal control with decriminalization … dignity for dopers … so think … xoxnanette


Grandma nan says hawaiians could be rich on hawaiian hemp … cuz its friday the 13th and everything happens on this great day … did you hear what ron paul said about hemp for ethanol … cheaper made than corn or sugar for that purpose … so much info comes out of youtube … better than television or radio has ever been … no longer do i suffer cuz i cant read the newspaper … im a paper person … but im happy weed takes care of my need…. not for children or driving