Big Island’s BEST Bloggers Combine Talents to Create the FBI Blog Site

Twenty Big Island residents (so far) are taking part in a new Blog Site that combines the feeds from their latest posts all to one site for easy viewing of Big Island Blog sites.

The site is just in a beginning phase, however, I welcome everyone to check it out.

We are also seeking other Big Island Bloggers that would like to be part of this “Ring” of blogs. You don’t have to be “FROM” the Big Island… But you do have to reside here now to part of the FBI “Ring”.

It’s nice to have so many people willing to jump on this trial and hopefully it will become a source for many to get information that is not always available through mainstream media.

I put the a Button on my right hand column that links directly to the site.

Soon you should start seeing a familiar looking “Button” amongst those of us that are on that site to identify us as “The Best Big Island Bloggers”.

So check it out: FBI BLOGS

2 Responses

  1. You know what they say about a hot kitchen don’t you? Simply ignore his blog if it bothers you. Nuff said. I don’t read blogs that say things that might bother me.

  2. With the likely hood my remarks will not be posted I direct them to you. First your friend pretended that I was ignoring him and called me “This Person” as if I was hiding my identity that was included with every post. Then he posted my real name and won’t let me respond! Should we slander you guys. You and Aaron can post whatever you like on my forum. which I created because my answers were not appearing. So read my forum and not the other comments and you tell me where I call your friend a “Racist”

    Kai Landow

    Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Wait you! I never called Aaron a racist. You have to understand you don’t see the whole interaction since he is selectively posting [if he even posts this]. His own comments are that he will fight the self determination of Sovereignty people! So we can’t fight back?
    I am the one he slanders in the above statement, So you want me to “Chill” while he puts out false accusations and you too!
    “when I tried to ask Kai Landow, he ignored my request”
    He hasn’t posted my answers! so what is ignored? You Damon Tucker are helping him try to through me under the bus.
    please read what I wrote before you make these bashing claims. It was the insults of your friend and the little game he is playing with this blog that has brought the Hewa down on himself.
    I am always trying to reach and inform people like you and RJ and Mr. Stene. that make incorrect statements about my friends and the Hawaiian Kingdom.
    I will always Ho’olokahi as many people as I can and I have suggested that Mr. Stene remove this blog.
    So you tell me what is the best response to someone who slanders you and your friends and will not let you reply?
    Kai Landow

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