Tiffany Edwards-Hunt Fires Off at Her Former Supervisors: Reed Flickinger – “…his mental, emotional and verbal abuse” Publisher Rick Asbach: “It’s like he is in La-La land or something”

Kudos to Big Island Chronicle Blogger Tiffany Edwards-Hunt for telling off her former boss West Hawaii Today Editor, Reed Flickinger, in her blog today!

Edwards-Hunt blogs:

…Looks like West Hawaii Today editor Reed Flickinger has chased off yet another talented reporter with — It’s about time someone said this publicly —  his mental, emotional and verbal abuse…
… (Flickinger) is mentally trying and, yes, abusive…

She also fires away at Publisher Rick Asbach:

…It’s like he is in La-La land or something…

Damn.. She even continued on in her blog saying “shit”… which I thought she reserved the swear words for me… but obviously she is pissed still at her former employers and I don’t blame her one bit if the workplace environment described in her blog is the way it is.

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