73 Year Old Grandma Nan Get’s High

Grandma Nan is at it again…

This time she’s getting high and talking politics!


Tiffany Edwards-Hunt Fires Off at Her Former Supervisors: Reed Flickinger – “…his mental, emotional and verbal abuse” Publisher Rick Asbach: “It’s like he is in La-La land or something”

Kudos to Big Island Chronicle Blogger Tiffany Edwards-Hunt for telling off her former boss West Hawaii Today Editor, Reed Flickinger, in her blog today!

Edwards-Hunt blogs:

…Looks like West Hawaii Today editor Reed Flickinger has chased off yet another talented reporter with — It’s about time someone said this publicly —  his mental, emotional and verbal abuse…
… (Flickinger) is mentally trying and, yes, abusive…

She also fires away at Publisher Rick Asbach:

…It’s like he is in La-La land or something…

Damn.. She even continued on in her blog saying “shit”… which I thought she reserved the swear words for me… but obviously she is pissed still at her former employers and I don’t blame her one bit if the workplace environment described in her blog is the way it is.

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Hōkūle’a Captain Bruce Blankenfield on Having an Escort Boat

Hōkūle’a Captain Bruce Blankefield’s brother, Kimo Blankenfield, lives down in Kalapana and many of you may know of Bruce personally.

Hōkūle’a captain Bruce Blankenfeld shares why it’s so important to have an escort boat. It is Polynesian Voyaging Society policy to always have an escort boat follow the traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoe Hōkūle’a in case of emergency. Crew members aboard the Kama Hele are also training for the Hōkūle’a Worldwide Voyage in which the canoe will circumnavigate the Earth using ancient Polynesian navigation techniques. The crew carries with them the idea that we are all crew members on Canoe Earth and, just as on Hōkūle’a, we need to care for one another an our resources.


The Next Scam to Hit? Maui Land Being Sold at Square Foot Parcels for $9.99 (Deed Included)

So it looks like we have another scam type of a thing where if it sounds too good to be true… well then it probably is.

Now, for the first time YOU can legally own one square foot of land on the beautiful Island of Maui.

This property is located along the spectacular Hana Coast of Maui.

You will own one square foot of 83,635 square feet. The breath-taking views of Haleakala Crater, the ocean and an incredible waterfall are eye-catching.

A unique and lasting gift for anyone.

Give yourself an award. What a thrill to own property, of any size, on Maui.

The land will be in conservation and protected for all time. No buildings, just gorgeous, lush greenspace in all it’s jungle splendor.

Now, without fear of foreclosure, dealing with banks or lenders, you can own your piece of paradise. One easy, unbelievable low payment of $9.99 gets you ownership of one square foot of Maui. You become a steward of the ‘aina.

And on top of that… they send you this DEED… or should I say… “Dead”.

Of course there are a few legal disclaimers such as:

The Grantee shall not make any improvements to or develop the parcels. Grantee shall not occupy the parcel. Grantee grants rights of ingress and egress over the parcels. This non-recordable Maui Land Deed is a novelty item and is not to be used for investment purposes. Grantee shall not receive any income or derive any other financial benefits whatsoever from the parcel or any portion thereof. Grantor is managing agent of the property and will be responsible for all real estate taxes on the property and for complying with any and all local regulations. Grantor reserves the right to relocate granted parcels to another comparable Maui parcel. Grantor reserves the right to buy back the parcel for full price paid and you keep the deed as a gift from us to you. Grantor must, before November 1, 2009, exercise this option to buy back the parcels. The number of parcels sold will not exceed the number in the property. Menehune Land Sales LLC will not develop or improve the property, except with state and local government approval.

But seriously folks… If any of you folks want the same deal in my backyard… I’ll give it to you for half the price… Deed included. :roll:

If you want to see the bogus offer yourself… you can click here. Don’t blame me if you buy the piece of property and it’s got a sinkhole on it though.

Did I mention I have a “Singing Bridge” for sale?


Grandma Nan on “Three Men Six Marriages”

Grandma Nan from Puna, Hawaii at it again:

grandma nan married 3 men … each twice … this is about number 3


Tonight: The Myth of Ceded Lands: A Legal Analysis (Free Lecture in Kona)


Hāwī HI5 Redemption Center Closed This Weekend… Pahoa Redemption Center ONLY Open on Weekends STILL

Media Release:

The County Department of Environmental Management and the ARC of Hilo will be closing the Hāwī HI-5 Redemption Center on Saturday and Sunday This Weekend, March 14 and 15, 2009 at the Hāwī Transfer Station for upgrades to the site.  The closest alternative HI-5 Redemption Center is at the Waimea Transfer Station.

The Hāwī Transfer Station rubbish services and 2-Bin recycling will be open for normal business hours from 6:30am to 6:30pm.

The Hāwī HI5 Redemption Center will reopen on Saturday March 21, 2009 at 8:00 a.m.

For more information, please contact the County Solid Waste Division’s Recycling Section at 961-8527 or 961-8270 or visit www.hawaiizerowaste.org.


Of course I’m still bitching that the Pahoa HI-5 Redemption center is only open on weekends!

Literary Reading & Talk Stories With 2006 “Eliot Cades” Award for Literature Winner… Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

The Volcano Arts Center presents award-winning Honolulu playwright and author Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl for a literary reading and talk story…

Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

The reading will be held Tonight at 7:00 pm. at the Volcano Art Center’s Niaulani Campus in Volcano Village (corner of Kalanikoa & Old Volcano Roads).

On Saturday, March 14th at 5:30 p.m., she will be at Basically Books in Hilo to meet people and talk story about her novel.

More Here

Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl is a well-known Honolulu playwright and author. She holds a master’s degree in drama and theatre from the University of Hawai`i. Her plays have been performed in Hawai`i and the continental United States and have toured to Britain, Asia, and the Pacific. An anthology of her work, Hawai`i Nei: Island Plays, is available from the University of Hawai`i Press. Ms. Kneubuhl’s   mystery novel Murder Casts a Shadow,  will be published this fall by the University of Hawaii Press. She is currently the writer and coproducer for the television series Biography Hawaii. In 1994, she was the recipient of the prestigious Hawai`i Award for Literature and in 2006 received the Eliot Cades Award for Literature.