My “on call” position… is now PERMANENT!!!

It’s weird how things come in threes…

I’ve been unemployed for quite some time now since I quit my State job over on Oahu and moved back home.

I had been pretty lazy about looking for a job and I knew one would come if I really put my mind to it.

I started subbing for the Dept. of  Education last month and today the Vice-Principal called me in to offer me a permanent position.  Of course I accepted it on the spot.

I also start the Census training at the end of month and that will be another 20 hours per week….

And then just last night… I was offered a position where I can actually work at home for $12.00 bucks an hour for 10 hours a week doing some online work!

I’m stoked… funny how in today’s paper they said that Unemployment has doubled in the last year but I just landed 3 jobs in the last few weeks!

Of course, I’ll still be blogging away like normal.  All of the posts you saw posted today… were actually posted last night or a few days ago.

Blogging only takes a few minutes a day… if done effectively.

I figured that if I save every penny I earn off my blog from now until the time my son is in college…  his tuition will be paid just from my blog revenues alone!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!

Thank you all for continuing to read my blog… and I will continue to bring the worlds most boring blog to you while I’m still working!

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  1. So happy for you Damon! …Don’t forget to have some fun, too!

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