Oh Great… Now I’m a “Sick Puppy”

Funny man Groucho Marx Andy Parx has been following the Blackballing of bloggers on the Big Island and has posted a few blogs on them.


In today’s blog… I guess I’m “One Sick Puppy“.

Parx blogs:

…The memo reveals a type of paranoia and need for control that is the product of a sick mind and one would think that just the fact that she wrote it down and distributed it would make her position with the county in jeopardy..

Not that she needs to worry about employment- a mind like that would be a valuable asset working in the nuclear power or GMO industry, perhaps defending “clean coal” or something.

Whittington, who continued to BS the reporter after being caught, apparently couldn’t even keep straight which BI bloggers she wanted to ban, even including poor Doug White at Poinography who lives in Honolulu…

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Damon Tucker: AKA ONE SICK PUPPY - Be on the lookout for that puppy with a camera and a blog!

Damon Tucker: AKA ONE SICK PUPPY - Be on the lookout for that puppy with a camera and a blog!

3 Responses

  1. Maybe he’s right…..(I wouldn’t call you a sick puppy, maybe under the weather, but not sick. Kidding, of course.)

    But he might have a point that some FBI Bloggers can be timid and submissive…..but then if that was true there would be no need for the directive. So then it just goes back in circles….

    But hey, I got mentioned in the post- and any publicity works for me right about now….

  2. Tease Andy in return, maybe about his obsession with post titles employing canine allusions. Drives me nuts! haha

  3. I’m pretty sure Parx was referring to Whittington, and NOT to the bloggers, as being of “sick mind.” So, to that extent, you’re finding an insult that really is not there.

    However, Parx does call the BI bloggers “timid and submissive” later in his post, though.

    Damon – Nah… was never insulted… Come on… Andy insult anyone… never. ;) I’m just teasing him.

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