My Interview With ESPN Talk Radio About the Blackballing Incident


@joshontheradio was kind enough to allow me a few minutes on ESPN Talk Radio the other day on his sports show that is broadcast throughout the Big Island.

On today’s episode, we talk about the USA Amateur Boxing event with Anthony Pagan and his boxers, the DPW/Bis Island Blog controversy with Damon Tucker of Damon Tuckers Blog, our Sport Up! Spotlight with Lyle Crozier, including questions on the future of the BIIF, and we go Running with the Big Dog, Wayne Joseph!

“Never Doubt That A Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change The World” by Margaret Mead


Aaron Stene, of the Kona Blog,  had a pre-recorded interview that was on the following day that you can listen to here 3/12/09.

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  1. Dude! The coqui frogs!

    You two talked about “why” big business on Big Island is afraid of bloggers.

    I agree that Moku Nui is about 5 years behind Honolulu and about 10-15 years behind Mainland with respect to technology and socio-cultural changes.

    We musn’t forget, also that Hawaii’s culture has always been a top-down, one-way only conversation — big business down (through the unions) to the workers, and if we want your opinion we’ll tell you what it is thank you very much.

    There has also been the experience that big business and government could “hide” information from the public. In fact, it was the normal method of practice on the mainland until the 60’s and 70’s when Watergate and Vietnam War and other govt. shenanigans started to break things open.

    The technology boom in the 80’s and 90’s has since made it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to hide information.

    The “problem” in Hawaii is that big business, corporate culture, government, unions, what-have-you still haven’t fully accepted the fact that they can’t hide information — it’s going to get out. Somehow, someway … no one can hide information anymore.

    I wish CEOs and politicians would get that. YOU CAN’T HIDE INFORMATION. Be inclusive.



    Accept it.

    I’m continuously surprised at how many leaders around here go around thinking they can hide information. They can’t. It always gets out. Eventually.

    The culture has not yet embraced this idea of bottom-up communication or the idea that there has been a revolution in the way information is shared and communicated.

    The power no longer lies with mass media.

    Individuals can cheaply and easily find each other, share information and publish what they learn together. And it’s a better product.

    The power lies with individuals, and that’s a very different way of how things are done around here.

  2. nice segment!

  3. TT ,

    Can I have your autograph now?


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