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FBI’s Finest: From the Big Island Bloggers

I’ve started a *Beta* site for Big Island Bloggers to make connections and just have a place to link to.

The blogs listed on this site are only for Big Island Bloggers to have their site listed.

FBI ONLY blog links will be posted there.

Not looking for commercial sites… ONLY BLOGS.

If you are interested in checking out the BETA site… shoot me an email at damontucker@yahoo.com

Once I get all the kinks worked out I’ll send out more information on how to obtain your official “FBI Button” for your own blog… and I will be adding a blog on my site announcing the new site along with a link to it as a button on one of my columns.

So even if your not linked on my blogroll… you are definately still welcome to post your link there.

The link will contain a link to your most recent posted blog and will be updated automatically through RSS feeds.

6 Big Island Bloggers signed on today.

There is no cost… you just might have to come party with us once a year… j/k.

I’m not worried so much about the content of your blog, as long as it derives from the Big Island.  (Please don’t use swear words in the title of the Blog as the title of the blog is fed automatically onto the site)

It’s still in a trial/beta phase, but all participating bloggers should have access there to also post notes of interest that they might not want to post on their own blog for one reason or another.

So send me an email if your interested… and of course at anytime if you wanted to… your blog could also be removed.

2 Responses

  1. …And if people click on the ads, your kid gets to go to college?
    Is that how it works? Just wondering.

    Damon – My advertisers pay me whether someone clicks on them or not. My rates are $30.00 per month and will be going up soon. If you are interested… email me.

  2. By selling Ads, aren’t you thereby commercial? I know what you are trying to say, but it might leave the wrong impression.

    Damon – The Big Island Bloggers site is not an advertising site at all if you are talking about that. It will be a site where people from the Big Island can list there blogs and people from around the world can see a compilation of Big Island bloggers all at once without having to bounce from site to site to site attempting to find Blogs related to Big Island issues. What each blogger does individually with their blog is their decision.

    I myself would love it if I could commercialize my site… and yes, it is commercialized in the sense that I already have paid ads on my site. This won’t affect the content of my blog one bit if that’s what you are implying. Remember… The Adveritsers can pull their blogs off my site at any time… I’m not going to lose my job because of it. My blog is not a means to live off and never was. If people want to have an ad on my site… that is their choice.

    The FBI site is in no means an attempt to make money. Only give more exposure to us bloggers here on the island in general. P.S. There are currently 13 bloggers now listed on the BETA site. As I get the kinks worked out of the site it will be listed… I’m sure most of us might end up mentioning it on our own blogs at some time or another.

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