ESPN Talk Radio… My Interview Yesterday and The Kona Blog Up Today

Yesterday, I was interviewed by @joshontheradio of ESPN Talk Radio about the Blackballing of Bloggers incident by the Department of Works.

The interview should be available sometime today and I’ll post that when I get a chance and will only say that I talked about the incident and how I thought my name may have gotten involved. We also talked a bit about social media and the way things are pretty much behind the times here in Hawaii.

Today at 10:10 am, Aaron Stene of the Kona Blog will be on the show. I’m sure he will be giving his two cents about the incident.

His interview will probably be much more exciting then mine was as I believe he was probably more of a target for this incident then I ever could be… and he is still having problems receiving information from them currently.

You can check out the show on the radio at 10:10 in the morning on  850 AM (Hilo) 790 AM (Kona).

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