I’m Cheap… I Want This Lantern

Big Island On The Cheap is offering up this nice Hand Crafted Lantern from High Fire Hawaii today as part of their opening week giveaways:


I guess I have to link the post get a second chance at winning… although this will probabaly decrease my chance of winning… I guess I need to play by the rules.

To enter a chance at this lamp… DON’T FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS and forget you even saw this post.

But if you must compete against me for this lamp… you can do so by clicking here.

More about High Fire Hawaii:

Exceptional ceramic art, handcrafted from earth and fire.

Paintings, prints and photographs that capture the beauty of our island home.

At High Fire Hawaii we design and create exceptional examples of contemporary art.

Each piece is designed and crafted by local artists who have invested years of study, training and dedication to their craft.

Our artists have refined each step of the creative process, allowing them to vividly express their understanding and appreciation of the raw materials and fundamental forces that are the essence of art and nature.

Each piece is a unique interpretation of the natural forces which have formed our planet and which continue to shape our island home. In nature, Earth and Fire define our environment.

114 Haili St. Hilo, HI 96720 Ph: (808) 935-8380
Email: info@highfirehawaii.com


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