Today: March For Clean Elections


Demonstration and March to the State Building For Clean Elections

Rain or Shine

1:30pm gather on Library Lanai

2:00pm March to State Bldg.

[We can get you back to campus by 3:15.]

Wear red, white & blue.

Bring drums, horns, pots & pans, bells, flags, brooms, mops, balloons, etc.

Bring friends.

*Big Island students organized and won the Clean Elections Reform in the 2008 Legislature. This program provides political candidates with an option to campaign WITHOUT needing to accept money from corporate and other special interest groups.

Already implemented in Maine, Arizona, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, North Carolina, Connecticut, Portland Oregon…Hawaii became the 9th State to enact this important anti-corruption legislation. Candidates who campaign using public funds can spend more time listening to their constituents and less time fundraising.

IT CUTS BIG $ OUT OF ELECTIONS/GOVERNMENT. Do not let our legislators postpone this successful clean government reform. Hawaii’s taxpayers have donated $3 to this reform for years. There is now $5,500,000 in the Hawaii fund for public funding of campaigns. The Big Island Pilot Program will be fully financed by merely the interest gathered on this account!

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