DPW Noelani Whittington “I’m NOT ROB TUCKER” of PunaWeb! Grubbing and Grading… Hokulia… 1.5 Billion? Other Blogs Thrown Under the Bus

I knew there had to be more to this then was first reported by the Tribune Herald.

With the recent release to Aaron over at the Kona blog of the full memo of what Noelani Whittington actually wrote… we find out that she is really mixed up… adding in PunaWeb, Poinography and the Hawaii Blog into the mix of Blackballed Blogs that was not even reported in the Tribune Herald piece.  (Of course we never get the full story in our local papers but at least they alerted us “Citizen Journalists” as Noelani likes to say… of this stupid directive)

I  think I’ve figured it out and I think I know exactly how my name got tossed into this whole mess with the Department of Public Works blackballing bloggers since I NEVER HAVE TALKED TO THE DPW in phone conversations or e-mail.

These individuals are Aaron Stene and Damon Tucker. Their e-mail addresses are aaronstene@hawaiiantel.net or damontucker@yahoo.com

Their blogs are: Kona blog, Poinography, Puna Web, and Hawaii Blog

Here is the deal… Rob Tucker, Punaweb Moderator/Admin, asks the  DPW for information a lot from what I can tell, and I think Noelani had a Brain Fart and mistakenly thought me and Rob were some how related.

Rob not only runs Punaweb, he is also President of Friends of Puna Future a “Political Action” group, that I’m a member of.

Friends of Puna’s Future (FoPF) is a nonprofit 501(c)4 (applied) organization comprised of concerned Puna residents, businesses and associations working together to lobby for long overdue changes in the Puna district.

He is very active in the Puna community thus her other response:

They will ask for information about:
* Palani Road-why the delays? Mamalahoa by-pass-the Coupe case, opening the entire by-pass, Grace Church moving the utility poles and why the delay?
* Traffic in Puna, anything about Puna and DPW

Do you think I hit the nail on the head with this one guys?

I did see the following posts Rob made on Punaweb, about DPW that could upset them:

The county G&G changes are undertaken separately by Public Works. There appears to be ongoing pressure from the status quo (established building industry and land owners and the folks who insist on the right to destroy their land because they can and they don’t want any regulations) to make the upgrades to the code as complex as possible and in so doing minimize the attention span of the community.

or this:

Some interesting reportage of last night’s public meeting on the G&G ordinance from Kristine Kubat

This whole thread is pretty degrading to DPW as well…

Hawaii County has long been twenty years behind the times……

…One key example was the Hokulia Project in Kona. This $1.5 billion development of gated mansions started out with heavy unregulated grading. Heavy rains caused massive amounts of silt to run off into the ocean and buried a living reef. Not something that you can clean up with a broom and dustpan… Rob Tucker

Things that make you go Hmm…

My guess… Noelani spending to much time pleasure reading my blog and just tossed my name in to give me some extra readers… Thanks Noelani! :roll:

Noelani… don’t take your dislike for “Puna Web” for my blog please!  (By the way… it’s PUNAWEB with out spaces)

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  1. Neither you nor Aaron mention the most bizarre of Ms Whittington’s flights of fancy- Poinography is run by Doug White and he lives in and blogs from Honolulu- and I don’t even remember him even mentioning Hawai`i county activities much less your Public Works Department.

    Is this woman still working for the county? Have you or anyone tried to get information and see if the policy is truly in effect? Has Dave been harassed for filming lately?… just wondering.

    Damon – I mentioned Poinography’s odd link to this here. Noelani is still working for the DPW. RJ Mendoza spoke with her and blogged about it here.

  2. Geesh! It is a small island, but really… someone throwing around such dribble needs to get their story straight! Noelani… you did spark a lot of readers to this site, so that is a good thing, even if it was a mistake.

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