Neil Abercrombies Technical Support… And RJ Mendoza Beats Me to the Punch

For those of you who have been following Neil Abercrombies announcement that he is going to run for governor, you may notice that he has been streaming these announcements live on the internet.  Here is the tech guy behind Abercrombies U-Stream’s.  I’ll post his name once he twitters me:


To me, the bigger news of the four bloggable things tonight… is that little pip squeek RJ Mendoza beat me to the punch blogging about the same event we were both at (Teasing RJ).  You look different as a silhouette in your twitter picture.

I’ll just post one picture of Mr. Abercrombie now, and post more  to my blogs along with videos as they get loaded to youtube.


Neil Up and Close (Getting Ready To Whack A Blogger... j/k)

One Response

  1. Damon, please understand that no matter what, you have better resources than I do at present, and all I am doing is providing my experience on the matter.

    But seriously, those slippers and socks with your outfit today? No…..

    Damon – My sock blew a hole on the way in… If you knew me… I care less about looks and more about action. This was a casual get together and I was only stopping in for a few.

    Damon 4 RJ 1 With his first score!

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