The Oceania Project: Hawaii Researchers “…Humpback Sounds are Equivalent to Human Languages”

We are working on several papers related to whale ‘language’. The term ‘language’ in relation to Humpback Whales is not yet accepted by the scientific community so we are careful about using it. Although we firmly believe that whales of all species have highly evolved languages.

Three researchers in Hawaii, two computer engineers and a marine biologist, have created a computer application to asses the entropy of whale sounds (loss of energy from a system in this case sound frequency) and have compared them to a range of human languages. They have concluded that Humpback sounds are equivalent to human languages. They used the recordings of Dr. Roger and Katy Payne, made in the 1970s, who were the first scientists to recognize that the unique sounds made by Humpback Whales were in fact conscious, complex evolving songs

A Polar Whales Appeal:

Check out the Oceania Project for more whale videos and sounds.

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  1. Great info Damon! Now if we can just figure out a way to talk to them. I tried a dog whistle.

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