*Update* Sarah Palin on the Fruit Fly Money Earmarked for Hawaii

Kudos to Aaron Stene for sending off the following email to Bill O’Reilly regarding the post below.


I’m a bit frustrated by this comment made by you criticizing $ 469,000 being spent on fruit fly research here in  Hawaii. If you are not aware pretty much all fruit grown in Hawaii is prohibited to being transported to the  US Mainland (unless treated) due to the fruit fly.

On top of that fruit fly research has had a lot of other positive benefits that are mentioned here


Aaron Stene

I clicked on the link that Aaron sent in his email to Mr. O’Reilly and it lead me to this Sarah Palin video talking about the fruit flies… Consider the source (:45 second mark)


Some people just don’t realize the importance of protecting Hawaii’s Agriculture.

$469,000 is barely the salary of 12 employees.

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