Bill O’Reilly Scrutinizes Earmark for Fruit Fly Facility in Hawaii… Wake Up Mr. O’Reilly!

Fox talk show host Bill O’Reilly recently criticized the earmark set aside for Hawaii’s Fruit Fly Program.  O’Reilly said:

The dumb spending of our money just never ends. Here’s a partial list…

A half-million to control fruit flies in Hawaii. Both Democratic senators from the Aloha State want that.

Damn Mr. O’reilly, I have ohana that works at one of these Fruit Fly Facilities! Do you realize how much damage Fruit Flies can potentially cause… We need this funding!!!  And Mr. O’Reilly, the number isn’t quite Half a Million either… it’s $469,000.

…The earmarks include $190,000 for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Wyoming, $469,000 for a fruit fly facility in Hawaii and $800,000 for oyster rehabilitation in Alabama, according to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank…

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  1. LOL You need this? Then fund it yourselves.

    Also, 4.6 is often rounded to 5 (aka half of 10), retard.

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