Plans to Bring Biodiesel Plant to Hawaii Halted

In 2007  there was big plans to bring in Imperium Renewables to Hawaii:

…The estimated $90 million project by Imperium Renewables Hawai’i LLC would produce diesel from vegetable oil primarily for use in commercial applications as well as consumer vehicles and possibly a proposed new Hawaiian Electric Co. power plant at Campbell Industrial Park…

A Seattle company is proposing to build a biodiesel refinery on state land at Kalaeloa Harbor, the second such facility planned in Hawai’i that would decrease the state’s dependency on imported petroleum.

In yesterday’s news, it mentioned that this company has decided against opening up a plant in Hawaii:

…Seattle-based Imperium Renewables has felt the pain of the industry. The biodiesel refiner has canceled its planned initial public offering, laid off employees, and halted plans to build a biodiesel plant in Hawaii

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