*Update* Sarah Palin on the Fruit Fly Money Earmarked for Hawaii

Kudos to Aaron Stene for sending off the following email to Bill O’Reilly regarding the post below.


I’m a bit frustrated by this comment made by you criticizing $ 469,000 being spent on fruit fly research here in  Hawaii. If you are not aware pretty much all fruit grown in Hawaii is prohibited to being transported to the  US Mainland (unless treated) due to the fruit fly.

On top of that fruit fly research has had a lot of other positive benefits that are mentioned here


Aaron Stene

I clicked on the link that Aaron sent in his email to Mr. O’Reilly and it lead me to this Sarah Palin video talking about the fruit flies… Consider the source (:45 second mark)


Some people just don’t realize the importance of protecting Hawaii’s Agriculture.

$469,000 is barely the salary of 12 employees.

Bill O’Reilly Scrutinizes Earmark for Fruit Fly Facility in Hawaii… Wake Up Mr. O’Reilly!

Fox talk show host Bill O’Reilly recently criticized the earmark set aside for Hawaii’s Fruit Fly Program.  O’Reilly said:

The dumb spending of our money just never ends. Here’s a partial list…

A half-million to control fruit flies in Hawaii. Both Democratic senators from the Aloha State want that.

Damn Mr. O’reilly, I have ohana that works at one of these Fruit Fly Facilities! Do you realize how much damage Fruit Flies can potentially cause… We need this funding!!!  And Mr. O’Reilly, the number isn’t quite Half a Million either… it’s $469,000.

…The earmarks include $190,000 for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Wyoming, $469,000 for a fruit fly facility in Hawaii and $800,000 for oyster rehabilitation in Alabama, according to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank…

Grandma Nan Calls on More Local Politicians to Use Youtube

More of Grandma Nan.

This time she’s calling out the local politicians to get with it and start using technology… after all… she can do it:


Message From Neil Abercrombie

Updates on upcoming events on March 8 and 9 2009 on Maui Kauai Kona and Hilo.


Hawaii All Girls School La Pietra Auctioning Off SWEET 2004 London Taxi

La Pietra on Oahu is having their annual “Hoopla” and part of the fundraiser is an auction for this sweet ride:

La Pietra Girls with a 2005 London Taxi

The Hawaii Blue London Taxi is to be auctioned off at HOOPLA, La Pietra's annual fundraiser for financial aid.March 14, 20095:30 PM

This special edition, pristine 2004 TXII London Taxi was hand-built in Coventry, England by master craftsmen — left-handed, automatic, Connelly leather seats, premium English Wilton carpets, vibrant “Hawaii Blue” exterior.  Ownership taken in 2006 with only 715 miles driven.

Fitted with a Ford 2.4-litre diesel engine, the “Blue Hawaii” combines fun with functionality. Spacious, comfortable seating for five.  Wheelchair accessible.  Service/workshop manual, including instructional DVD, included.

(Video Filmed on Location at La Pietra)


To bid on the car and see more information, click here

*Update* MONDAY: Neil Abercrombie Coming to Big Island as Part of State-Wide Tour to Announce Candidacy for Governor

Passing along this email: (see update below as well)

…Neil is coming to Kona on Monday morning as part of a state-wide tour announcing his candidacy. He will be having a talk-story at Pavilion #4 (far end of the runway) beginning around 11:00 am.  Neil is anxious to hear the concerns of West Hawaii residents and I am sending this email to people I know in West Hawaii who I think are equally anxious to share their views with the Congressman.  This is our opportunity to share a little West Hawaii hospitality with Congressman Abercrombie, and, at the same time, familiarize him with specific issues like our inadequate public services (health care, higher education, roads, environmental protection, etc.).  We will also be presenting Neil with our petition urging President Barack Obama to aggressively pursue the “promise of change” upon which he campaigned. We will ask Neil to deliver the petition to President Obama in Washington , DC . (We have at least a couple of hundred signatures.)


Mr. Abercrombie will also be at Waiakea High School Library at 4:00 on Monday.

Charles Djou Response to Abercrombie Announcement: The Video


The Myth of Ceded Lands: A Legal Analysis (Free Lecture in Kona)


Hōkūle’a: How Do You Steer?… The Video

Captain Bruce Blankenfeld shares some basic concepts of steering the Hōkūle’a prior to her sail to Palmyra Atoll. This sail is the first deep-ocean training mission of the Hōkūle’a worldwide voyage in which the traditional Hawaiian canoe will circumnavigate the Earth using ancient Polynesian navigation techniques.


Plans to Bring Biodiesel Plant to Hawaii Halted

In 2007  there was big plans to bring in Imperium Renewables to Hawaii:

…The estimated $90 million project by Imperium Renewables Hawai’i LLC would produce diesel from vegetable oil primarily for use in commercial applications as well as consumer vehicles and possibly a proposed new Hawaiian Electric Co. power plant at Campbell Industrial Park…

A Seattle company is proposing to build a biodiesel refinery on state land at Kalaeloa Harbor, the second such facility planned in Hawai’i that would decrease the state’s dependency on imported petroleum.

In yesterday’s news, it mentioned that this company has decided against opening up a plant in Hawaii:

…Seattle-based Imperium Renewables has felt the pain of the industry. The biodiesel refiner has canceled its planned initial public offering, laid off employees, and halted plans to build a biodiesel plant in Hawaii

Big Dog 5k Run/Walk Goes on Despite Rains… Big Island Marathon Coming Up

Baron Sekiya has provided excellent footage on Hawaii 24/7 of the “Big Dog 5K Run/Walk” that happened at the Coconut Island parking lot.

You can view the top Male and Female finishers cross the line, as well viewing a just a really wet Hilo day on 24/7. To view more Big Island Health and Fitness events, I do encourage you to check out Wayne Joseph’s Blog.

Next up:

12th Annual Big Island International Marathon


6 AM Sunday, March 22, 2009

26.2 Mile Marathon, 13.1 Mile Half Marathon or 3.1 Mile Run/Walk

For more information, check out the Big Dog’s Blog.

The Oceania Project: Hawaii Researchers “…Humpback Sounds are Equivalent to Human Languages”

We are working on several papers related to whale ‘language’. The term ‘language’ in relation to Humpback Whales is not yet accepted by the scientific community so we are careful about using it. Although we firmly believe that whales of all species have highly evolved languages.

Three researchers in Hawaii, two computer engineers and a marine biologist, have created a computer application to asses the entropy of whale sounds (loss of energy from a system in this case sound frequency) and have compared them to a range of human languages. They have concluded that Humpback sounds are equivalent to human languages. They used the recordings of Dr. Roger and Katy Payne, made in the 1970s, who were the first scientists to recognize that the unique sounds made by Humpback Whales were in fact conscious, complex evolving songs

A Polar Whales Appeal:

Check out the Oceania Project for more whale videos and sounds.