UH Hilo 3… Damon 0

It’s been a long time since the last time I needed to go to UH Hilo.

The drive up Kawili St.

The drive up Kawili St.

I remember reading Hunter Bishops blog awhile back and the problem that he had with the parking, so I went prepared with a camera.

Across from front entrance

Across from front entrance

I used to live on this campus so I knew that if I just kept driving around for awhile I would eventually find a spot.


It was pretty interesting seeing all of the illegally parked cars:

No parking anytime

No parking anytime

But when you’re running late for class, sometimes you ignore obvious signs:


And if you have the right type of car, you create your own parking:


Even the employee parking lots were under construction:


Leaving even the State cars desperate for spots to park:


I continued to look for a spot thinking the kids would be getting out of class soon:


I finally gave up and paid the simple $3.00 just to go see a professor who ended up not being in because it was a non-instructional day!

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