I’m a Person Too… So Why Was The Directive Aimed At Me?

Aaron Stene recently submitted a Letter to the Editor to the Big Island Weakly.  I know he didn’t make the headline in the paper… but I got a kick out of it:

Bloggers are people, too
Wednesday, March 4, 2009 10:29 AM HST
I was thoroughly disgusted to find out that the Hawai’i County Department of Public Works had implemented a directive barring any DPW employee from talking to me, Damon Tucker or David Corrigan. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why they did this, since we all have the highest profile blogs on the island.However, it is still perplexing why Damon Tucker, and to a degree, David Corrigan, were included. Damon has had limited contact with the DPW and simply republishes information which is publicly available off of Hawai’i County’s Web site. On the other hand, David Corrigan was included because he filmed the Hawai’i County DPW resurfacing Saddle Road last summer. The latter is the subject of litigation due to someone in the DPW buying asphalt tack coat from Grace Pacific when they had a binding contract to buy it from HMP Inc.

In my opinion, Noelani Whittington tried to control the flow of information about DPW projects with this directive. But instead it turns into a huge blunder on her part. I’m hoping she gets reprimanded for crafting this illogical and illegal directive.

Aaron Stene


Just a quick correction… I HAVE NEVER HAD CONTACT WITH THEM.

I am still running my contest looking for the best explanation to the question of “Why was I targeted in this directive specifically?

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