P.M.S.(ing) vs P.C. vs. B.S. vs. LOL

Ok, so someone recently commented that using the phrase “PMSing” is a sexist phrase and is not politically correct. (I think that someone was having “Male PMS”)

I wasn’t going to go into an argument with the person over my use of the term when someone or myself get mad or a little steamed over something.

Whether the person is a guy or girl, I’ll often just shrug off a person’s bad day and say, “I hope they are just PMSing”.

I myself will be the first to say that I think I suffer through male versions of PMS.  It’s not the same metabolically but I think there are certain times in the month where I just feel like shit and it shows to those that are closest to me.

Sorry ahead of time if I ever say I’m PMSing… or if I say that about someone else too… I hope you just realize that’s me making light of a bad situation… not trying to be offensive.

Where does one push the boundaries on a blog with what they do and don’t say?  If it is my blog and I say I’m PMSing because of something… it just goes by unnoticed.  But if I were to say our Governor was… That might raise a few eyes.

PMSing… Why can girls say that to each other all the time, but then the second a guy opens his mouth about it… someone wants to jump all over him for the use of the term.

My PMS rant for the day.


If their was an M in between that P and the S,  it would be still just be PMS.

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