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Pathetic Civil Defense Message… Just Plain Pathetic!

This is a Damon Tucker Weblog Message :roll:

I just happened to stroll upon the Hawaii County Civil Defense Website and I see the following message that was posted yesterday in regards  to the Fire that was reported a day before on BIVN, Hawaii24/7 as well as Twitter long before the Civil Defense even posted it :

This is a civil defense message

Akoni Pule Highway is open, but please be on the alert for emergency vehicles.

Thank you and please drive safely.

This is YOUR Hawai’i County Civil Defense.”

A few quick comments:

What the heck is this!  A freaking radio announcement posted to the web?

I know “this is the civil defense“… I clicked on the site!

So your now telling us the Highway is OPEN… BUT YOU NEVER TOLD US IT WAS CLOSED.

I thought these things were supposed to be warnings… Not hearsay after the incident.

Did phonecalls go out on the Civil Defense “Phone Tree”?  And why are the notices being posted after the incidents instead of DURING the incidents?

When it comes to an emergencies here on the Big Island, I have the feeling that relying upon the Government for survival… may just get us killed instead!

This is YOUR Damon Tucker Weblog :roll:

2 Responses

  1. Forgot to add that the information we posted on Hawaii247.org and on Twitter about the highway being closed, what mile markers it was closed at, etc. came straight from the Hawaii County Civil Defense website.

    Damon – BTW hurry up and find out the score of the Pahoa game for me to while your at it!

  2. Hawaii247.org heard about the brushfire as early as about 2 p.m. via a source.

    We heard from someone on Twitter that Akoni Pule was open at the time but apparently later in the afternoon the highway was closed. Hawaii County Civil Defense posted on their website that Akoni Pule Hwy was closed due to the brushfire late that afternoon on Wed, March 3rd.

    This notice of the highway being closed was on their website as late as 8:30 p.m, I know this because I called CD to find out if anything had changed and was told the highway was still closed.

    Later (I’m not sure when, maybe late Tues or early Wed) CD changed the message that the highway was open. That’s the message you saw.

    I think you owe them an apology. They’re not running a blog, they don’t have a backwards chronological thread of posts like a blog. There’s no need to confuse anyone by posting anything about the highway being closed when it’s open.

    Twitter isn’t part of the county, state or federal emergency services so to count on them using it as a primary source would be irresponsible. If Twitter went down (which it often did in the past) and it endangered people, that would be bad. Media and bloggers are already spreading the word via Twitter so there already is a network out there.

    We need to work together and pointing fingers and accusing our county CD unjustly isn’t right.

    Damon – I apologize… Now there is no message at all… Only the message that was there back in October… go figure… I just checked the same site that I checked this morning and they have removed the above message! There was another message posted there that said exactly what I block quoted in my blog, which I thought was pretty dorky announcing who they were twice on the “site”… It has been removed since.

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