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RJ Bumped:”Loser”… BIVN Called Out (Tag Your It)

So Andrew Cooper put me up to a MEME after being put up by Bobby.

Loser RJ Bailed out… so now I have find a replacement.

So in order to make this fun… especially for all of our blog readers… I’m going to call out Dave Corrigan from Big Island Video News to attempt to take this task on.

In order to make it fair to him, I’ll suggest he reads the comments on Andrew’s Page for a little help if he needs it.

I don’t know if I figured this buggah out completely… but I sure am trying to shake that 3 blogger rule off me before I get some bad luck… you hear me RJ?.

So yes Dave, this is a challenge and you can thank Andrew.  Please note how the links change but the words stay the same… pay attention there are a couple tricky ones in their… Until later… Your now holding the “hot potato”.

For my Meme Check Here:

For Andrew’s Check Here:

For Bobbie’s Check Here:

And for loser RJ’s Pathetic attempt and bad luck for the rest of his life, you can view here.

Still awaiting Aarons and Devany’s! to get this monkey off my back!

Dave… I’ll email you something that Devany asked just to give you a little tip on how to get this accomplished.

I’m hoping that Dave will take the time to do this MEME because we could all learn a lot as he has a lot of good Videos that would be great to see again if he links these right!… and I really need to get this monkey off my back.

One Response

  1. dt- your bad luck days should be over by now. Noelani from DPW is fixing to apologize, and those photos of the post office with staff from bizarro-world would be useful in “shovel ready” testimony. if anything, your luck is turning around….and congrats on the census gig. just watch out for punatic pit bulls.

    now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to binge drink on Canada Dry Ginger Ale while daydreaming about hosting SNL.

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